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Old 19.11.2012, 18:48   #1
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Beitrag Upgrading


I've upgraded all my drones from 10 to 16 and i noticed that i still have the same damage as before, and my drones are full of lasers, so why hasn't my laser damage gone up yet? - Does the upgrades take a few days to take effect or something? or does it really not make that much difference?

I spent a lot of money on upgrading, hope i didnt spend so much just so i get 2k more damage


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work it out

6 % off 200 if it is an lf 4 = 12 extra damage , x by a max off 20 =240 (without anything extra added like boosters etc)

so a max off 960 for x 4 .

or in other words yes you did ,


DO in a years timejjj
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just upgrading drones doesnt do that much for dmg...but you will notice a better improvement in shielding.....

for guns...youll begin to notice more significant increases as you upgrade the lf4's..and use better ammo....its the difference between 40k and 80k shots....

pre upgrades and red drones..i was hitting about 40k with everything red and upgraded..i hit 80k....well worth the uri in my book...

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Hello †..çняιş•¢гøsş..†

Thankyou for your answers rooster12 and POBB.

The benefits provided from Upgrading are not significant - they are like the icing on the cake, which is why most would recommend only Upgrading if you have nothing else left to improve.

For your specific example, Upgrading from level 10 to level 16 will give a 2.4% damage increase on the lasers equipped to your drones. For the sake of argument, if the lasers on your drones are doing 40,000 damage, the Upgrade bonus will increase that to 40,960 (per rooster's example)... as you can see, not a great improvement. The overall benefits will be more noticeable once everything is Upgraded to maximum, but it can be a long road to get there.

I would still firmly suggest that it was worth the drone Upgrades, since the benefits are more flexible over your configurations, and also across all ships you may use, but you may wish to think carefully before Upgrading any lasers or shields significantly.

Do you have further questions?
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