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Default Question about CBS

Before we start with our CBS I want to know only this:

Can we move our CBS from map to map ( depend what we are killing ) or it is stuck on map where is spawned?

In server where I play I found asteroids only in lower maps ( X-3 and X-4 ) and we barely go in there. Just checked all posts in forum about CBS and noone talk about that.

Hope I'll get answer soon so we can own one asteroid.

Thanks in advance


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To my knowledge once you build the CBS it stays on the map where you put it. You may be able to move it by building on another asteriod , but i will need to find out as I myself have not used this feature yet.

As to your second part, we are a bit shorthanded at the moment, I do apologize for the delay, but were are people too in the real world, and from time to time issues come up and affect us so that we cannot do the things we normally do. When this happens, other members of the team do the best they can to cover these areas, (such as myself here).

I have removed your comment as it was offensive and flaming, although I will not infract at this time due to you having waited so long for your reply, but i have issued a warning. In the future, please be courteous (nice)with your posts or you may indeed receive a infraction for flaming, or insulting moderators.

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Someday Author
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Got more one question. In server where I play in there is CBS can be made only in X-3 and X-4 maps. Are they going to spawn in other maps also with time ( asteroids ) or they will just stay in that maps where they spawned at?

Thanks in advance
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The CBS asteroids will spawn in other maps. This depends on a few factors but is generally a random event.
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