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Lächeln Referee Bot

Okay because i see a ton of complaints in chat i'm here to explain what this " IMMORTAL " npc is...
First , you CAN'T damage it with normal ammo ( x-1 , x-2 , x-3 , x-4 , rsb , sab ) . You need the CBO-100 aka soccer ammo to damage it which you can find it in the shop if it is available.The lower map you find the Referee Bot the lower power it has.The strongest Referee Bots are in x-8 maps.I hope my information helped the people who didn't know.
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May I also add that the rewards for destroying this npc doesn't compensate you for the amount of uridium you have to spend for the ammo. There have been reports that the rewards are increased but according to many of my friends who have soloed these npcs that it is still not worth shootng.

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It will cost you on average 2000 uri worth of ammo to kill ones in B-maps and reward will be worth 347 uri

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Closing as there really is not a question here to answer.
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