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Default Gate Rewards

can I get a list of all the gates and their rewards?

Finaly FE!!! as of 3.14.11 7am

It's so simple!!! Yet so genius... It's the solution to Dark oribt's promlems!

Stop The Updates!!

Free Player.. Deal With it
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"look" in Help for newbies, DO bible and scroll to gates....
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Here is all the infomation on Galaxy Gates.

Galaxy Gate FAQ


Alpha Gate -
20,000 Uridium
20,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
100,000 Honor
4,000,000 Experience
2 Repair credits
2 Logs Disks

Beta Gate -
40,000 Uridium
40,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
200,000 Honor
8,000,000 Experience
4 Repair credits
4 Log Disks

Gamma Gate -
60,000 Uridium
60,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
300,000 Honor
12,000,000 Experience
6 Repair credits
10 Log Disks

Delta Gate -
45,000 Uridium
45,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
225,000 Honor
9,000,000 Experience
5 Repair credits
8 Log Disks

Epsilon Gate -
25,000 Uridium
20,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
150,000 Honor
5,000,000 Experience
10 Log Disks
5 Booty Keys
1 Ring
CHANCE at LF4 Laser cannon

Zeta Gate
35,000 Uridium
25,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
200,000 Honor
6,000,000 Experience
50 Log Disks
25 Booty Keys
1 Ring
CHANCE at Havoc Drone Design

9.000.000 XP
325.000 Honor
15.000 Uridium
30.000 UCB 100
10 Log Disks
5 Booty Keys
Extra reward consists in 75% chance of winning one of the three super bonuses good for up to 25% off

• the new Hercules Drone design!

• the new Multi Booster! For 5 hours of gameplay, the Multi Bonus gives you an additional 5% on all inflicted damage, on your XP and your shields, and are added on top of the other boosters you're using.

• one of the super-rare LF4 Laser Cannons.
Gate gives NO ring-If you complete this gate you will get a special title for it: "All-Star" A true sign of respect.

2.750.000 EXP
100.000 Honor
15.000 Uridium
10.000 ×4
5 booty keys
3 log files

Gate gives No Ring - Special Title reward: "Boss of Bosses" - A true sign of respect.

Kronos Gate
• 25.000 Uridium
• 25.000 UCB 100
• 250 Extra Energy
• 500 UBR 100 Rockets
• 5000 RSB 75
• 15 Log Disks
• 10 Booty Keys
• 12.000.000 XP
• 450.000 Honor
• CHANCE of getting the Saturn Design

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yep all is right is this in FAQ alredy its just simple info abaut rewards dont ned to scrool up and down and read somthing abaut gate if you need to know reward only
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Hello -MistyMay31-

The above is correct - thankyou to all for your assistance.

Do you have further questions?
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They also have this really cool website out there called "Darkorbit Wiki" this will also tell you everything you need to know about gate's or anything else you would like to know about darkorbit, you should try it out.
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