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Frage support times

wondaring how long it normaly takes support to get back to you

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It all depends, it could from a couple of hours up to a week. Don't keep sending them emails over and over again about the same thing, they will just add you to their spam folder. Give them some time.

But if it is something small that you have a problem with, you can post something about it in the Technical Section of the forums. This allows the forums moderators to get to you, which is usually faster than the amount of time it takes for support to get to you.
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Hi From_The_Heavens1,

Like Cooljak96 said, it takes from 1 Day up to a 1 week for them to respond to your support question/ticket. If you send them many support tickets, then they'll probably not respond. So just sit tight, and be patient, while playing DarkOrbit

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It usually depends, different time zones, etc, few hours to a week sounds good as jak said up there
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Greetings Space Pilots,

Many thanks to you all for helping the OP with his question.

As being said you will usually get a reply within 24h. For some very specific problems it can take a lot longer.

For example saying support you are experiencing a bug, that they already know about, and they are already trying to fix, will not make them fix the problem faster.

Most of the times as I have been told, players makes new tickets to reply instead of simply reply to the answer from support. It gets things messy and takes a lot more time to deal with.

So everytime you have a ticket opened at support, please make sure to reply support answers by hitting your 'Reply' button on your email account. This way everything adds up in the same 'thread' and makes it a lot easier for support to follow up.

And of course when you have a new problem different from an other one which was already resolved or not, then make a new tickets.

To make it simple for both you and support, make sure to have 1 ticket per problem you experiencing or inquiring. This way the response time from support tends to be lowered.

But as being said, once sent, just be patient and wait for the answer.

Hope this helps.

Anything further?
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