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Default Dark Orbit Classic

I think there should be a Dark Orbit Classic game.
Taken from game-play about 5 years ago.
None of this BS havoc/designs/x6/formations/pilot bio/Item upgrading/etc.
The game was at its best long before any of this stuff was added in my opinion.
People didn't die in 10 seconds. You didn't have to pay a couple hundred dollars to have a top notch ship.
I bet more people would play Classic then today's version.

DarkOrbit could even have a Account transfer fee that would bring your ship and equipment(Thats supported in Classic) over to the classic game.

Things that would be in Classic(Not all listed)
Only 8 drones
x3 best damage ammo(maybe x4 but x4 would be a special event)
Goliath k2 being best ship(No designs)(Except for maybe different color schemes)
Even though Skylab was not around back then i think DarkOrbit got that feature right. But no item upgrading or tech lab stuff.
Maybe even Gates too but they would just be for fun and shoulnt cost a arm and a leg to get

Things for sure not to be included
apis and zeus
Ship designs
Pilot bio
Item upgrading
Best of Luck

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If you search Uridium Wars on Facebook, you may be a little bit surprised about what turns up. Granted, it is still the new client and there are still pilot bio, but they have included ways of lowering the costs of everything uridium based.

Still, I agree there should be a "roll back edition" of the original dark orbit.

Search "Bring Back Uridium Wars" on Facebook to learn how you can demand Bigpoint to keep UW alive!
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This idea has already been suggested many times. In the future, please search the forum to see if your idea has already been suggested before you post it.

Have a nice day!

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