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Default How to get Uridium fast & Chat box problem

Has anyone got any tips on how to get uridium fast?? Buying not a option.
Also the chat thing on the game keeps on stop working anyone know how to stop this?

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The chat is always down darkorbit does nothing to fix it. As far as making uridium fast, you have to kill lots of aliens or buy it. Since buying for you is not an option building uridium is gonna be slow unless your a full elite goli. Just the way it is.
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fastest way is to buy uridium and I think they haven't fix the glitch for chat.
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so what are the best aliens to kill to amass uridium quickly? Some have to be better than others. For instance, a Devo has a lot of HP and not that much uri after a kill. Thus, it takes a lot longer to kill & uses more ammo than killing 2 mordons which gives you the same amount of URI. so which NPC's are best to kill to amass your uri as quickly as possible?
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well a cube in the upper maps gives you the most uri but if you arent the right lvl to get to it then the sib probably gives the most in the normal maps
Good luck
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I find that weaker aliens give more yield in the long run. Go into X-2 and kill lordakias and streuners and you'll find that your uridium will go up fairly quickly. Doing this, I was able to get around 7000 in a week (5ish hours a day - 5 days)
I now have an iris drone and an lf3 from collecting uri (and i got another lf3 from the compensation package)

If you can get into X-8, StreuneRs are good for uri and stuff too
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I have found that cloaking and gathering bonus boxes nets me a decent amount of uridium, although if you do it without cloaking in x-2 you can also blast the aliens around you for even more. The reason I cloak for it is that it keeps the sibelons off me in x-4, since few people seem to collect bonus boxes there I usually fund a lot more of them.

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OK I am seeing how far I can get in this game without spending ANY real money.

5 weeks in I have 6.3 mill ep. 22K honour points, 4 LF3s, 2 elite shields, 3 elite engines, Cargo 100% expansion, 100% armoury expansion level3 repair bot, repairbot- turbo cpu, a rocket loader turbo cpu and a few other bits and bobs. Here is a summary of what I have learned:

Blast lordikas in x-2, fill your ship and go back and sell everything. Take the long way round so you cover as much of the map as possible picking up bonus boxes as you go. I can get 1000 Ur an hour doing this. Also you can store up better ammo for free to use when you are in a fix. 10000 of my 36000 rounds are 2x 3x and shield depleting.

Only buy cheap ammo, that means DO NOT SPEND Ur on ammo. Keep it for capital expenses like LF3s. Stack your ship with LF3 before ANY other elite stuff, this is so your costs go down. It's quicker and cheaper to use better lasers. It costs 10 Cr to do 60 points of damage with the best laser that you can buy with credits (MP1), or 150 points of damage using an LF3 WITH THE SAME 10cr round of ammo. basically if it takes 1000 rounds of ammo to kill something with MP1s it only take 400 rounds with LF3s. That's saving you 6000 Creds.

Until you can afford Elites, Stack your ship with the best engines, shields and lasers credits can buy, you can sell these back for half price as you replace them with elites. I see it as hiring them.

You will amass credits, Very quickly actually, Bid on other elite stuff with this.

But always keep enough to replace your ship if it gets blown up. Don't go to risky places if you do not have enough to replace your ship. Do not get a ship that's too big for your equipment, it is going to get destroyed over and over again. Keep your costs down by using a smaller ship and DO NOT REPAIR it with Ur. When you look at what things go for in the auctions 500 Ur is worth about half a million creds. Just buy a new nostromo or big boy.

By the time you have a fully elite big boy go straight to a Goli. Save up and bid on it.

Join a GOOD clan. Do not even consider joining a clan that spam "wanna join my clan" in chat. Most of those have 1 or 2 people and offer no value. Instead look for groups of people where you can see a Goli or two helping other players level up. In turn you will be expected to help others when you reach a certain level. This works out in your favour too, the stronger your clan mates are, the stronger your clan is, the stronger your clan is the stronger YOU are...

Don't moan about 5% clan tax, a good clan is worth every penny for the help you get. (If you are on the UK server and MMO I'd recommend RAGE, Tell them MrWolf sent you) besides I can easily rack up a million creds a day, (Yes in a Big Boy) 50K creds is nothing. I have never asked my clan for cash. I am totally self sufficient. I like to be able to contribute to the clan.

The only time a cloak is worth anything is when you are doing the resource gathering quests. Even they won't pay for the Ur you spent but I jumped from level 5 to level 7 missing 6 out because these quests give out a lot of EP. Buy the cloak and do all these quests back to back. Remember a cloak only works once. Once you shoot at anything it's gone. But you can log off and come back later and you will still be cloaked.

Hope some of you get something out of this, even if you don't use it all.

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Buy a cloak, it activates as soon as you buy so don't shoot any enemies, it still works even if you die. Then go to a battle map apart from 4-4 and collect bonus boxes, they give you an extra 50% on the yield.
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buy a jump-cpu, every time you activate it you have an 1 in 1000 chance of going to a map with infinite bonus boxes
i also made a list of what aliens give per HP
i made 1 mistake in the lordakium, wich gives you 0.0.51EP per hitpoint instead of 0.51
and the streuner, wich gives 0.27 credits and EP, 0.00067 Uridium and 0.0013 honour

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