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Old 08.10.2008, 20:12   #1
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Default Raise credits vs raise uri

raise credits to bid on ships and use uri to buy next to elite stuff ?
I only have 4,700 uri.


raise credits to bid on next to elite stuff and raise uri to buy ships ?

Right now I only have 100,000c and 4,700u

LP1 gun x 2
16,000 credit shields x 2

Running around collecting bonus boxes.

One more question - is it better to risk getting killed by gol with quest than to collect bonus boxes ? I have already done all the resource quests up to date. If I were to start the Lorkia quest, where would be a good map, alternative to 1-2, 1-3, and 1-4 ?

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im specter im from EIC but i can give soem pointers u should do it in 1-2 cause its more portected and u get less damged i could try and help but im not sure if i can
good luck and happy killing
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Old 08.10.2008, 20:59   #3
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it best to raise creds to bid on a better ship, don't waste uri buying a ship, also find a good clan to join, be a loyal member and they can help you out, like giving you creds and protection.
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Old 08.10.2008, 21:23   #4
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both of the replies are right but always make sure you die as less as possible. without dieing you don't have to buy a new ship unless you have a pheonix. also if you can and you want to play this game for a long time you need to invest enough money for premium membership it really saves you a lot .

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Old 08.10.2008, 22:58   #5
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As has been said, the best place to do the lordakia quest is probably your x-2 sector. If you would really like to be safe, ask around in your company chat if anyone is willing to help you. Some of the more friendly clans may do so, just as individuals might. I remember sitting in my leonov and having a half elite bigboy guarding me while I did some of the lower level quests all because I asked.

FOr the other question you had, I would suggest doing both. Save your Uridium for the gear you want as well as credits. The best way to get a larger ship is through the auctions, and a clan may be able to advise you how much a good bid is, as well as help you with the credits.

10.000 Uridium may seem like a lot but it can be done in a few days at the lower levels, and every time you hit your mark (Plus 1.000 or more extra for ship repairs) you will feel a little more secure.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Global America
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Old 09.10.2008, 00:24   #6
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I have some off the wall advice for you.

Until you get a goli (or possibly veng) never repair. That's right, NEVER REPAIR. Just buy a new ship, either a nostromo, a big boy or a pheonix (if you lack the cash for the other two). Save your uri for lf3's, best shields and engines.

Be a paranoid little bugger until you have a big boy capable of surviving an encounter with full elite goli for ~30 seconds (by surviving an encounter I mean running full tilt to the nearest portal and hopping through), then you can start venturing past X-2. I also strongly recommend picking up the cargo doubler from bidding (50k should get it, pure luck though).
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Old 09.10.2008, 01:56   #7
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Well, with my 5,000 uri and 100,000 credits this is what was done so far.

Ship Leonov
Upgrade from 1 MP1 to 4 MP1

Upgrade from 2 SG3N-A02 to 3 SG3N-A02
and 1 G3N7900(I think this was a mistake ?)

Killed 10 Lordakia - OK!
Killed 40 Lordakia - OK!

Running low on laser ammo now.

I have 2,800 uri and 169k left.
Next step, get a SG3N-A03 ? Bid for a cargo doubler.
or save for an avenger ?

Right now I'm using ammo x2 and shooting stuff at x-1. Going to run out of it soon. I had 3,000 ammo after I gathered bonus boxes for 3 sessions of play.

Btw. Premium ? $30 a month or for 8 months ?

Thank you everyone for your support.
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Old 09.10.2008, 04:56   #8
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i use the normal ammo and make money killing lots of struners and keeping there cargo to sell i suggestst joining a clan that can help you and eventually give you a goliath
defend the little destroy the big
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Old 09.10.2008, 06:23   #9
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woohoo! just got a cargo x2 chip. I have 70,000 credits and 3,900 uri now. I feel alot more secured because I was hiding under cloak before.

Just joined a clan, I don't ask much, I just want a vengence, and some LF2 or LF3.

I really don't know what to do next. How much should I raise for a vengence ? If I don't spend it all that is.
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Old 09.10.2008, 07:18   #10
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Use Uridium to buy only the best everything except ships and some extras. I have been playing for a few months and never joined a clan. Just my choice. Never spend Uri to repair ship unless you have to. You won't have to for a long time. I know 100,000 credits seems like a lot but after you play for a while you will see it is nothing. Going out farming ships I will buy lazers 5 or 6 times at 70,000 to 100,000 credits each time. I spend about 500,000 credits on lazers in an hour or so. I earn 600,000 to 750,000 over that in that time while also collecting boxes for about 1,000 to 1,500 Uri an hour. These numbers will take you a while to see.
My point in telling you this is so you will be paitent. You will not be a powerful player in this game in a week or two. It will take time to get the things you want unless you spent the money.
Please keep your eye on the prize. The big players don't use anything but the best stuff in the game. Anything less is a waste of time, credits, and Uridium. Don't buy a ship you are afraid to loose and can't replace. Weak lazers will only earn you credits slower.
The most important thing I can tell you is don't steal! A guy stole from me just the other day. He got about 20,000 credits worth of stuff from me on two seperate times. I blew up his bigboy 2 times and cost him over 400,000 in credits. He thinks that getting a Vegi will save him, but I'll blow that up too. We all hate outlaws. Please don't become one.

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