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Ausrufezeichen How to Become Uber Elite, Full Elite, and Sub Elite --> Costs chart

How to Become Uber Elite, Full Elite, and Sub EliteàCosts chart

Hello peoples, I’m Dmitri Chuikov and I present to you this masterful guide of tips to becoming Uber Elite, Full Elite, and Sub Elite. (They are mostly analysis and calculations.)
Admins, feel free to sticky this, but please keep it subject for me to change it, I will do further calculations.
Please note that these calculations are accurate, but not EXTREMELY accurate, I did all this in an hour. IF YOU HAVE COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, comment here, AND IF YOU SEE A PROBLEM, TELL ME ABOUT IT! I’d LOVE to fix it. Well, lets cut the crap and get right to it, shall we?

Uber Elite
31 LF4 – Roughly 3-15 million Uri (this is luck, also including chance for Zeus/Apis designs based on booty boxes)
10 Iris/Apis/Zeus/Havoc Drones Base: 960,000 Uri or 740,000 Uri
31 Bo2 – 310,000 Uri or 232,500 Uri
15 Speed Gens 30,000 uri or 22,500 uri.
All 4 Elite Goli Designs -- 1 million uri, or 750,000 uri

Note: Second amount (above) of uri is w/ Rebate. Premium (month) not added to equation.
Side Note: Cost below is based on 9 million uri spent on booty box keys.

Total Uri Cost: 10.300.000 Uri
w/ Rebate: 7.725.000 uri
w/ Rebate + Premium: 7.210.000 uri

Full Elite
31 LF3 – 310.000 uri or 232.500 uri
8 Iris – Base: 960,000 uri.
31 Bo2 – 310.000 uri or 22.500 uri
15 speed gens 30.000 uri or 22.500 uri

Total Uri Cost: 1.610.000 uri
w/ Rebate: 1.207.500 uri
w/ Rebate + Premium: 1.127.000

Sub Elite
23 LF2 -- 115.000 uri or 86.2500 uri
8 Flax Drones – 12.8 mil creds
23 Bo1 – 57.500 uri, or 43.125 uri
15 Speed Gens – 30.000 uri or 22.500 uri.

Total Uri Cost: 202.500
w/ Rebate: 151.875
w/ Rebate + Premium: 141.750

Ok, here’s where it gets complicated. The following section deals with the DENT to your WALLET.
The formula I made is based mainly on the following Big Point Prices for Uri:
-$11.99 or 12.99 for Premium (1 month)
-$12.99 for 30.000 uri
-$29.99 for 75.000 uri
-$59.99 for 150.000 uri
-$99.99 for Rebate Package (25% off, 8 weeks)

I calculated the following based on Mega Happy Hour, Happy Hour, and No bonus.

Side Note: Cost below is based on 5 million uri spent on booty box keys.
Uber Elite
Standard: $900 MoE: + or - $200
w/ Rebate: $542.99 MoE: + or - $100
w/ Rebate + P: $530.99 MoE: + or - $100

Standard: $1800 MoE: + or - $400
w/ Rebate: $1085.98 MoE: + or - $200
w/ Rebate+ P: $1061.98 MoE: + or - $200

No Bonus
Standard: $2700 MoE: + or - $600
w/ Rebate: $1628.97 MoE: + or - $400
w/ Rebate + P: $1592.97 MoE: + or - $400

Premium is abbreviated with P
Note: Margin of Error is Abbreviated with MoE

Sub Note: Huge margins of error based on BOOTY BOX KEYS, since chance of getting something good from booty box is calculated 1/64, or basically, around 1.5%. GAME OF CHANCE! TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Full Elite
Standard: $160-200
w/ Rebate: $147.99
w/ Rebate + P: $159.99

Standard: $320-400
w/ Rebate: $295.98
w/ Rebate + P: $319.98

No Bonus
Standard: $480-600
w/ Rebate: $443.97
w/ Rebate + P: $479.97

Note: Calculated Margin of Error for all is + or - $3

Sub Elite
Standard: $30
w/ Rebate: $42.99
w/ Rebate + P: $54.99

Standard: $60
w/ Rebate: $47.99
w/ Rebate + P: $59.99

No Bonus
Standard: $90
w/ Rebate: $72.99
w/ Rebate + P: $90 or so, MoE + or - $ 5
Margin of Error throughout: roughly + or – $5

As you can see, it’s clearly useless to purchase Rebate or Premium for being Sub Elite…and actually, there are more then several reasons why. However, IT IS A MUST if you are aiming to be Uber Elite. Cred warriors? No hope. If you’re aiming for Full Elite, it helps too.

Note however, that you can be both FE and SE using simply creds—and patience. You can also subsidize spending on being FE by using creds you earn.

THESE ARE HOW MUCH I’D Spend on elite items in TRADE. (Roughly, not guaranteed all the time, but most of it, especially around 6 AM PST, 3 AM PST, and anywhere between 9 AM PST— 2 AM PST)

LF3: 4-21 million creds. (advised: 16-21 mil, if you’re trying in broad daylight)
Iris: 16-21 million creds (I’ve seen this for up to 100 million creds, this requires A LOT of patience, but I win mine at 3 AM PST w/ 16 million creds -_- my advice is to buy first 4 with Uri, then bid for the last 4)
LF2: 100,000 creds – 1.1 mil creds (don’t bid higher, its waste of money)
Bo2: 16-21 mil creds (Sometimes up to 100 million! Again, be careful with this—everyone wants this—and a lot of it)
Bo1: 10,000 – 1.1 mil (Budget shields, I’ve won one for 2 creds, another for 30,000…these are dirt cheap, trust me, don’t bid higher)

So…cost in creds to be FE:
ASSUMING YOU’RE LUCKY AND WIN ALL BIDS (which is not possible)
31 LF3 125 million – 651 million
31 Bo2 496 million – 651 million
8 iris --- 128 million to 168 million

Total Cost in Creds: Roughly 748 mil creds to 1470 mil creds, most likely 2 billion creds is needed, since you’re not always lucky.

Cost for SE:
Again, assuming you’re lucky and win all bids:
23 Lf2 2.3 mil – 23 mil
23 bo1 230,000 – 23 mil
8 flax – 12.8 mil

Total Cost: 15.13 mil, 58.6 mil.


Tips on gathering Creds:
Team up with a buddy and hunt down Cubes, (roughly 600,000 creds for 2 people) or Kristallons (200,000 creds per person)

Skylab Farm! Upgrade your “farm” all the way to level 10-15…15 is advised…
Assuming you have goli w/ x2 cargo compressor, you can make 1.5 million creds (without bonus) per 6 hours!

Well, again, everything is hard worked on….

-Dmitri Chuikov OUT!

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Haha.. I need go no farther than the "uber elite" to know this is wrong
I was already full elite(8 iris, 31+ lf3, 20ish BO2, etc) when I quit the game and came back with all the new changes..

Since coming back, I have spent over 5 million uri and I now have:
10 LF4, 10 Havoc, Apis and Zeus..

To become "uber elite", costs more like 10+ million uri IF LUCKY with 30% rebate(25% rebate pack, 5% premium)... Then there is upgrades... few more million uri
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you also havent added price for pilot points as it is essential aswell
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Default Thanks

Changes will be made promptly. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Shadow_Expeller View Post
Changes will be made promptly. Thanks!
Well, just Apis/Zeus cost 1.5 mil uri EACH without rebate.. 1,050,000 uri with rebate.. So that's 2,100,000 uri for JUST apis and zeus WITH rebate..
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Interesting numbers, can you append another section to show the Uridium required to buy only parts that can be bought with Uridium such as Rocket Launcher, Ship Design, Pilot Bio maxxed out 50 PP, as well as LF4s and Apis/Zeus/Havoc design.

You are missing Uridum cost for Shop-bought only Rocket Launcher, P.E.T. 10 and all its Gears and AI Protocols for Uber Elite.

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Many of the numbers are a bit off, and you're missing some LF4s.
"Which Is Better - to be Born good, or to rid yourself of your Evil nature though Great Effort?"
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for iris, in global europe in bid 250,000,000+ and win every time. but that only works because i get 4.2 million from skylab every 4 hours

also, on great britain 2, 20million will do for iris
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You forgot about all the cpus and the upgrades and db aswell.
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Frage Why......

So why..

why do you need to buy 31 bo2??? (im still a kid i dont ealy understand im fe but olny 16b02

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