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Old 13.10.2011, 01:53   #1
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Default Cheater?, I think no.

This seems to be an ongoing topic of discussion lately. Apparently with me at the height of some of those conversations. I invite Dark Orbit support to investigate my account for any type of cheat/hack/program/bot usage. I have been playing this game for nearly 4 years now and have put countless amounts of money into my ship. To cheat would only jeopardize thousands of dollars I have spent on this game. Cheaters get banned from the game I know this to be true as they have posted us their progress of banning the box botters in the forums. If I were a cheater as so many of you claim that I am don't you think I would have gotten banned for it by now, 4 years is plenty of time to catch someone playing against the rules. The reason I do as much damage as I do is that Dark Orbit keeps coming up with more and more gadgets and boosts to make players stronger offensively and defensively. One shot of x3 ammo on my hard hitting side with 33 guns on (16 of them are LF4s) hits 30-32k dmg, x3 rocket for 8k, rsb shot for 70k hellstorm shot for 15k pets shot for 5k combined with full bio double boosted with seprom on can add up to 130k dmg. When you are being attacked the numbers do not show individually for each type of ammo that you get hit by. It adds it up and shows one big number. All these noobs that I keep popping and turn around and scream in chat I am using magic cheats or programs or whatever need to grow up and realize that D.O. has added all these things to make players stronger its not my fault I use the things made available to me by the game. You all want to hate on me and call me a cheater and think I am a rule breaking noob, more power to you, but your wrong and make yourself look like fools by calling me a cheater. I am a strong supporter of fair game play and have been since I started playing all them years ago. Think what you will so long as DO support and I know the truth thats all that concerns me.

..Cujo.. 2392411
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Old 13.10.2011, 03:18   #2
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The problem is LF4's are still relatively new to the scene. People aren't accustomed to seeing damage that high, especially by just one player. As more players obtain LF4's, you may see less accusations flying around as they witness more, especially when they themselves do more with each addition of LF4.
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Old 13.10.2011, 03:23   #3
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i agree with you cujo and can see where you are coming from...sure there are ton of cheaters out there...but when someone accuses blindly like say for instant,because this person pops the other person becomes a cheater...we have to face the fact that sometimes 1 person is better than the other....people need to do their research as well because its very much possible to do 180k plus these day...just by yourself...

we are from the same server and ive seen the accusations people throw at u,and it isnt nice.
/BLU Semi-Retired/


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Old 13.10.2011, 04:33   #4
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lol if you pop someone you hack and if you get poped your a noob. thats all i here all day long .most ppl just get mad when you pop them and one way of takeing out there anger is to say you hack.. noobs will be noobs let them say what they want
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Old 17.10.2011, 13:33   #5
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Default I feel ya

LOL..I only have a couple LF4's and I get accused constantly..when I'm huntin, I get at least 4 or 5 whispers every 30 min accusing me of unfair play. I guess I used to be that wat till I really took the time to figure this game out. People need to realize there is ALWAYS someone better out there, I run into them Super cool upgrades, fighting ability and LAG play a huge role. Lag will cause a person to think all kinds of crazy stuff is going on. Just last night I got hit for 300k twice in just a couple seconds by one player. I can see why a person might think its a cheat...but like you said..theres an investment in this game..those that jeopardize that..usually get caught..not worth it.
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Old 17.10.2011, 14:01   #6
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i have no lf4 but right now im boosted with doubble damage and double shield with 60k shield due to boosters im hitting nearly 45k with each shot of white folowed bye rsb 60-70k im hitting rsb and white almost togetehr with 8k rockets thats 100 k near enough i keep being called a cheater ignore it simple they can call you a cheat all they want just know your killing them theyre dying then crying
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Old 09.11.2011, 00:29   #7
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all I have to say about this is- if you're capable of doing that much damage, just leave significantly weaker players alone, it just gets everyone PO'd at you
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Old 18.11.2011, 12:53   #8
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Yer geting called a cheat nowadays is actually a compliment so take it as one coju and lighten up..

watch you in chat and i suppose your demenour towards plyrs you pop doesnt help your image but probally supports your ego.

Being called a cheat is al the rage now because like you say so many toys its hard to work out what the hits should/could be.

Back in the day when lf3 was the laser to have and 8 iris with prom was the status you knew what was gonna roll of you but not nowadays, so thats why i think cheat word get used a lot now.

so happy gaming and take the accusations like lots of other plyrs do and smile and try take it as a compliment, no point in gettin all bugged up about it...

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