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Old 18.08.2011, 05:23   #1
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Default Pirate map quest

Iv been thinking and we do need a fiew more quests... how about one that involves the pirate maps.

Smugglers run

Make it through the pirates maps without being distroyed. You cannot have a cloak and you are timed.

ep: 1,500,000
creds: 1,000,000
uri: 1,500

It would get people to go into the pirates maps and it would not be "to easy". But it would be aviable to the lvl required to get to the pirate maps. lvl 12(i think)
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Interesting idea. What about pirate kill quests, or collection quests?

I am curious to see what you can come up with.
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Old 19.08.2011, 13:56   #3
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Getting through pirate maps without cloak? Ouch :/ Thats tricky lol. I'd have to team with a couple of friends or get some EMPs.

I think Kill quests should come out relatively soon as the novelty of the maps will soon wear off as they dont really give much buck for kills (compared to bking). Quests people do for rewards and rank points so it would be really good.

I came up with a quest?

Kill 5 MMO Goliaths in 5-X maps!


1 million EP
1k Uri
2million credits

The high rewards are because of the difficulty of surviving in the Pirate Maps. As always it's debatable and the same for all companies, like an EIC one etc.
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Old 23.08.2011, 01:26   #4
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Do could always change some of the other quests and give them different names.

Kinda like Intercept the Intercepters ... 1, 2, 3, 4 ranging like the lk quests. And even doing the same for all the pirats. Ending with like 3 for the Battelray... ill work out some of the details later.
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i posted a similar thread today minus the rewards and names because im sure they will change these anyways.. but i do like the idea.. i am lacking available quests and this would be a good way to get others to jump in the new maps
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