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Default Best Way to Pick a Clan?

I've been playing for a month now and gotten to the point where I am strong enough for some of the larger NPC's but still get my **REMOVED** kicked by rival company ships. I am guessing the next step would be to join a clan. The clan list leaves a lot to be desired. Is there any way to sort it by the number of members? Is there a better way to pick a clan?

Thanks in advance!

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Default Just read the sticky

And I just read the Sticky regarding posting.

Server USA 3 East
Rank Captain
Level 9
Company MMO

Would like a Clan that works together and is willing to help someone reach the next level in the game. I would be loyal and willing to Pay It Forward to new clan members down the road.
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hi mate,

i have always found the best way to look for a clan if you are new and not a full elite player, is to look in chat for clans with lots of active players.

copy and paste there clan tags look them up in the clan page, they should have a clan discription, like lvl 17 plus only, or lvl 12+.

Dont just jump into any old clan on clan search,

You could always look at the top ranked clans and see if they have training clans, here they will accept lower level players and help you build up to be a better player and help with bids.

~The one thing you dont want to do is join a clan and beg for credits or hlep all the time, best way forward is to group with people of similar levels and ships and they will more than likley be willing to help, and also if they are sound, they would be able to tell you about there clans.

You can always post about yourslef in here and you may be invited into a clan. Just make sure you say what comapny you are, server you play, levle you are and what ship and equiptment you have, and your age as some clans dont like having younger players in them

hope this helps a little.
Bodjers (Rage)
GB1 Server
Level 20
"If i knew what i was doing i might be good at this game"
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Dont go by top ranks for clans cause 99% of top big clans are just hopless and got alot of egos if i was you i would look for a small active clan with less members and watch chat to see what the members are like in the clans etc.

No offence tended for some clans that got alot of members.
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Bodjer is right on this, as a new player look for a lower ranked clan that suits your needs and playing style.

Some clans require a set level

Some have a tax (which i personally like shut off this avoids beggers, complaining about not getting credits as well as not being able to earn enough credits) The tax really depends on the clan, and its leaders or players views.

Look for a clan that likes to hunt, help with quests, or simply have fun flying around shooting aliens. Find a clan that best fits you and what you like.

Also i would suggest finding a clan that uses Teamspeak, from my own experience i have found that those clans flourish the most as well as grow together as a clan and friends.

Look for a clan thats just and fair, not just looking to shoot down anybody that they have a problem with. Find a clan that listens and is willing to ask first shoot later.

Everything else i beleive has been covered by bodjers

Currently Rebuiding My DO "Bible" And rebuilding my abandoned DO Social Network.

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