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Default Goliath in trade

For those of you who bought their goliath in the trade center, how much did it cost?
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It depends on your server, time of bid and how well your name is known. So better way is to consult someone in your company chat.

P.S Got mine for 23 million credits on Global America 4

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This would be a difficult question to answer for a few reasons.

1. It would depend on which sever you are playing.
2. At different time of the day, the average cost for a winning trade bid varies on a particular item on a particular server.
3. When some event are on, some player change ship then change back so before and after winning bid price will go up.
There may also be other factor to take into consideration. Like how much credit you have and how quickly you want it.

I have bought elite ships on trade for 1 cred, but was very lucky and in no hurry to get the ship. However I have heard of 30mil+ bids being lost on a goli and that was not on a server with a high number of player.

The best advice is to ask in you server company chat. You should be able to find someone that will give you some idea.

Hope this helps
Regards Pacman

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I appreciate your assistance with this players question, as mentioned above that is a difficult question to answer.

I would recommend that you ask around on your server to see what the average trade bid price would be - and what the best time to be is. This should help you to get a good price for the Goliath you are desiring.

Does the Op have any further questions on this topic?
Have a nice day!


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