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Default Clan Hall/ Section of Space.

I am not to sure if this has been suggested before..
how about a Place for just your clan members to go.
I haven't really Grasped the whole idea for it since it only just popped into my head seconds before writing this but I had to write it before I forgot.

Anyways back on topic.
Using the Hall... People making Clans or who already own one. Can buy a hall slash own sector. With the Clan Funds or Uri (Whichever you choose) having its own Skylab Station That has more space than a Ship. increasing the income flow of Creditz also include the power ups from its own tech lab. which can be given out as rewards to clan members for doing certain Objectives (clan created Missions/quests) being given a Selection of topics to run by (Created by) The Darkorbit team, also including subtopics Etc.
but certain creations would need to be bought Space section own skylab and Tech Center etc. Giving a Clan its own Base. giving other Companies also a chance to invade and create wars.

Now thinking about wars Only allowing a Single Clan to attack another. No randoms and also creating a system where you can buy defence systems for the Clan's "Space Station" So that People just can't attack while no one is there or online.

In away it sounds big. But I would like to hear what other people think not to mention.. I could come up with update ideas or even new ones to add to this.. that would make it seem a bit better.

Who knows.

BlackOperationz (B-Ops)
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