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View Poll Results: Which do your prefer in Alpha Gate (all waves)
Fire Power!! Blast all to Hades 72 34.62%
Speed. Got to get away 17 8.17%
Both. Some times you got to run sometimes you dont 119 57.21%
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Default Alpha Gate for Dummies ( and Beta, Gamma)

Look for Alpha Gate for Dummies Redux 2012. It has updated charts information.

When finished reading. If you would post a quick response, then that would be awesome Please comments or ask questions on my DO page here is link tina-princess.
There are alot of good threads out there for gates, however, not all the questions and answers can be found. So, I decided to post information not available in other threads.

If you new to gates and have never done a gate or are just looking for more information I hope this helps.
If you have any specific questions please ask.

If you are an expert or Professional DO player this thread may not be right for you.

Before doing any gate make sure you load up on Prom or Seprom which ever you prefer. I usually send it the night before as I send 4000 at a time and may take a while. If you want to do an instant send it will cost you 875 Uri.
Its also a good idea to load up on your primary ammo that you like to use before getting ''Click Happy.'' You may reach your armory maximum and can not get the ammo you wish and be forced to use expensive ammo to attack a low level NPC.

Though your armory is maxed you can still add to it when you are clicking away to get parts. You just can not buy anymore.

If all you want to do is use just ''Free Spins'' I recomend not using them until you have 1000. Keep in mind that with every spin your chances of getting a gate part are 13%.
That does not mean that for every 100 spins you get 13 parts. Each spin is a seperate occurance.

There are 164 (34 for Alpha 48 for beta 82 for Gamma )parts total
The more your gate is complete the harder it is to get it complete.
For example lets say you spin and get your first gate part you have
0 parts out of 164 so you have a 100% chance of getting a part filled
as you get more parts your chances go down

Lets say you have 27 of 34 completed for Alpha (or 27/34).....34/48 beta and 40/82 for Gamma
thats 101 of 164 parts. (Your are 62% complete)

Sounds great, unless your relying only on free spins

On your next spin you get a gate part that means your chances are 63 out of 164 to get a part.

That equates to 38% chance of getting a part. If you already have the part it goes on your multiplier. You can activate your multiplier any time before it reaches 'X6' Once it reaches 'X6' your next spin will automatically multiplied by 6

Each part is number so you have to get part 1 and part 2 and part 18 etc...not just an Alpha gate part. You do not have to get the parts in order.(whats great is when your muliplier is at x6 and u spin a gate part...then it gives you what you need) So your chances of getting the exact part are now only 38%

So as you continue to spin you Get 32/34 for Alpha 45/48 for beta and 67/82 for Gamma.
That's a total of 147/164
Your doing great but it gets even harder.
With 147 parts out of 164 you are 90% complete
That means you have 10% chance of getting the part you need.
In other words the more you progress the harder it gets
So with every spin now you have a 13% chance of getting a gate part and once you get the part you now have a 10% chance of getting the part you need. (not including multipliers)

It can get further complicated because you have 3 gates going. We can not isolate a gate and just do one at a time. That would be to easy.
I use uri for mine and sometimes it takes alot of spins to get that last part.

Can it be done with just free spins?


Is it easy 'NO' It will take alot of patience. That is why I say wait to you get to 1000.
By waiting you can also use the ammo you get from the spins in the gate.

If you have never done a gate make sure you do the Alpha Gate first. The bet gate is double strength and the Gamma is x3.

Good luck

Any questions let me know

T <3

Like I said before discounts and most ''New or Free '' Players dont have rebates or are Premium. But Yes It is less if you are Preimium or have Rebate. Ill mention the rebate later....

Its a good idea to have the rebate if you spend alot of Uri. It drops the cost of gate spins from 100 to 70 Uri.

For the Beta gate HP and Shields Double (as the the EP value)
For Gama Gate HP and Shields are X3 (as is the EP Value)
**Special Note to Experienced Players, Difficulty level is reference for New Gate Players ONLY


Wrong Ammo This is the most common mistake. Know what your ammo can do with the guns and booster you have on your ship. Turn your rockets off on the first three waves. Waste not want not.

Wrong Configuration Most FE Golis will tell you go with a Power Config and a Speed Config. Sounds great unless you not FE or not a Goli!!!. This is where the chart above comes in handy. Look at the HP Shield Strengths of the NPC’s for the upcoming wave. Strueners have 800 HP and 400 shield. You have to be able inflict 1,200 total damage points as quickly as possible. Most players can do that with one shot. So turner those rocket launchers off if you have them.
The first few waves the average player can get through relatively easy without to much moving around after wave 3 you will need to look at your shield strength and speed. You don’t want to be too fast or too slow. Or have enough shield power to survive a constant onslaught of laser attacks.

Sep and Prom] Don’t forget to set your shield up with some sep or Prom. Prom will give you 20% more speed. Sep will give you 40% Shield Strength. For Fire power Sep will give you a 30% boost and Sep 60%. So load up.

Rest Sounds funny but take a break between the waves. Especially the one that take awhile. Don’t get in the habit of jumping from one wave to the next. That leads to disaster. You can run out of ammo or sep and prom. You can even go in with the wrong configuration. So take a break.

The following chart will show you what most people use on the waves. Its merely a guide so you don’t waste ammo
All the ammo you just got from all those clicks you are going to need for the gate. SO DON’T WASTE IT!!

Before all you expereicend players start committing on the chart keep in mind, not all players are FE or experienced. Everyone has to start somewhere. Not all players have expanded cargo bays and if the ammo acquired in the gate spins isnt used in the gate players will be forced to use them on lower maps. I will cover using just X1 AMMO at a later time. Please remember the Alpha Gate may be difficult the first time a new player uses it.
As always if you have any questions ask away

T <3

To help prevent lag, especially in the gates I recomend changing your settings on the game page window.

1. Click ''Settings''
2. Click ''Display''
3. Un-check( by clicking on line) all lines
4. Check (by clicking on line) the following:
A. ''Show Bonus Boxes'' (Optional)
B. "Show increase Hit Count''
C. "Show Cargo Boxes''
D. "Change Rocket Ammo Type Automatically'' (Optional)

A and D are optional. I always check them ''just in case''


This will help prevent lag.

When you are finished with your gate reset your settings to your play style.

You can also change the setting on your ADOBE FLASH PLAYER.

1. On Game Window 'right click'. To pull up your ADOBE FLASH PLAYER settings.
2. check ''enable hardware settings''
3. click the file folder on bottom on the window pop up and slide the scale to ''unlimited''*

This will also help prevent lag.

There are a few threads out there advising this as well.

* With unlimited storage make sure to clean your cache regularly. There are also threads available to explain how.

Good Luck


Alot of players will tell you just to use basic rockets and x 1 ammo.

However, you have to decide based on your ship and how much ammo you can hold.

Below is a table of all the ships.
It show how much ammo and Rockets they hold along with what you can hold with the Armory Expanders

Let say you have a Vengi with the 150% Armory Expander.

That means your armory can hold 20,000 rounds of Laser Ammo and 2000 rocket rounds.

Sounds great except you get 20,000 x 4 ammo when you complete the A gate (40K and 60K for the remaining gates)

What this means is you can buy any more ammo until you get below 20,000 rounds of x 4.

Thats why I suggest using the higher levels of ammo on the different waves.

Use that x3 and Sab on all those BKs in the gate. Thats alot better than using it on low level NPCs on the regular maps.

Once you get skilled and completing gates you will see what works for you.
* It is recommended not to rely on one (1) rocket type. Have multiple rocket designs for different situations. It can save you time, heartache and uri.

I saw a posting where a player did not know which gate to use after finishing a wave. So I decided to show what happens when you finish a wave. (see pic below)
After you have popped the last NPC in a wave to gates appear in the middle of your map.

This pic is from the Gamma Gate but where they appear is the same regardless of the gate or wave.

T <3

'Dragging' is a great strategy. Even the more experienced players use it.

After grouping them (you can see some great vids of dragging on Youtube) drag the horizontally. and pick them off one by one. Use the speed chart above to set you battle config. Keep a good speed config in case you get in trouble.

Its difficult to see, but my I have almost no damage in the above picture.

Its difficult to see, but I have some damage in the above picture.

If you are not custom to 'dragging' it is recommended you practice on the first few waves. The NPC's are weaker and you wont suffer too much damage if you make mistakes.

Here are some helpful links regarding Gates:


What's in the Gates

The Complete Guide to Delta Gates

T <3

Originally Posted by OrbitorX View Post
Btw, Thanks

I have a few questions:
First was wondering if there was a time limit for
the gates?
You said we get 3 lives, do those lives use our
repair credits?
Is there a way to gate out if you don't think you are
strong enough to survive or do you wait to die?
Also how often can you do a gate, ie, if I don't complete
say "A" gate and die a 3rd time will I be able to Try
again later. And if completed is A gate repeatable?
You said something about showing bonus boxes, are
there boxes there we can collect? just wondering
how much one should move about.
I like using a few rounds of eco-10 on Mordons and 2026
and x-2/x-3 ammo as you show they have 30k hp where the
saimon have 9k. Devo's much ammo, about 40 eco-10 and
10 2026. It doesn't seem like my ammo effect the sibs.
I haven't put seprom on my weapons, just shields for now,
So if i put seprom on my rockets will this increase the
damage that the eco-10's do or just the r-310,2026,2021's

You said something about taking breaks between waves. How
does one do that or do we have to take our time finishing
off the last of one wave if the next one follows soon after.
Great section was and will be very helpful and thanks for
your time
user id:66700928

Good Questions!!!

Ill try to answer all of them if I miss one let me know

First, there is NO TIME LIMIT. You are given 3 lives (attempts) to complete the Gate. It does not cost to repair your ship or cause damage to drones if you die in the gate.

At the end of each wave there are two (2) gates. (see pic above on previous post) The gate on the left takes you to the next wave the gate on the right takes you back to base.

You can complete the gate (s) as often as you like and in no particular order. In fact you will notice when doing gate spins that often you will build an entire gate while trying to get the part for one gate. That can be frustrating.

Personally I like the Beta gate for its payout is larger. However, for a quick gate I will do Alpha.

If you feel you are not strong enough you can stop anytime you want. If you stop between waves you will not be charged a life (attempt) Now, say you are on wave 8 and get popped. You do not have to go back to the gate until you are stronger.

In fact, I will complete a lot of gates except for the last wave. Then when low on x4 ammo I will complete it and collect the reward.

There are no bonus boxes in the gates. There are cargo boxes, from the NPCs you kill. However, be careful if you collect cargo. You are still being shot at while you try to collect it.

Sep on rockets and lasers is always helpful. My suggestion is to set it up the way you like and try to attack the NPC type on the normal map and see what kind of damge you do.

Without knowing what and how many lasers you carry its hard to answer your question. However, if you drag them across the screen (see previous post) You should be able to kill them without any damage to your ship or shields.

If I missed a question let me know.

Good Luck

T <3

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Good thread - very long and true.

One mistake:
Originally Posted by tina-princess
If you have never done a gate make sure you do the Alpha Gate first. The bet gate is double strength and the Gamma is x4.
Gamma is x3

1000 gg spins can be achieved and even free by boxing for a few days - good advice for free players on how to get their gate.

Once you make your next thread (on what ammo to use) you should merge them and add a bit more and see if they can make it sticky.
Farewell, old forum. We will miss you!

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cost to send is less for you with prem and rebate

gates remember the harder you hit them the harder they hit you

also for them who have no drone to sell cargo or might not be prem with auto refine the lab cpu to feed the lasers automatic can help.

saves wasteing cargo on some waves you fill up before you can jump out and flog it

Company VRU /GB1

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To the above post, first of all, try using a different font color besides dark blue, on the black background, you really have to strain yourself to read it, which is hard on the eyes.

Secondly, I use credit rockets on mordons, makes them go way faster! To a FE goli, it shouldn't matter the credit amount, you can easily gain them back by doing a BK in less than 2 minutes.

Thirdly, always use x1 in alpha. Don't waste elite ammo on LKs, Prots or Lilsibs just because you want to get it done faster. Use x1, and the rewards from the gate seem so much sweeter knowing you didn't waste Uri.
Lithinir -- UK Server -- [FЇЯ€] -- Level 20 -- VRU
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Thanks for the comments!!! Using X1 only ammo will be dicussed later. But alot of people have never done a gate and the chart is a suggestion..... It states that above the chart. I will go over x1 ammo later.
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Hey, thanks for this collection of info. I am a 'free' player and after one year of playing I just completed the 'A' gate. As a level 15 Goli with 18 lf3's but only 90k shields should I try the gates now or should I get some better shields first??
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You can try it. You get 3 lives. My suggest is group them together and dont let lag kill you. Some of the waves will hit you with more than 100K so you have to stay out of their range. If you dont know how to group them there are some good vids on youtube that show how. Most importanly avoid lag. You might want to get a shield booster in trade.
Let me know how it turns out or if you decide to wait

T <3
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Well... I have done thru the Devos. Now I'm kinda rethinking the SK. Got two more BO2 at trade. Prom on everything (sep gen on upgrade so will wait for sep i think) may take one go at SK today just to get a feel for the challenge. Thanks for the input. RJ
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Good Luck RJ!!! Let me know how you do

T <3
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Tina, you may want to check your ship chart for ammo storage as it seems to be wrong.

Vengance with 150% expander = 40k laser ammo
Goliath with 150% expander = 80k laser ammo

Feel free to double check but thats what i have 40k in a goli would last me 2mins.

Also as for resolution being players preference lower is better as it helps decrease lag (820x600)
Bonus baxes can be disabled as for ammo change i disable that but thats personal preference

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