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Default The Value of your uridium.

For all you junior armature economists out there I have a question for you.

Is your Uridium worth more today than it was when you began playing??

Now please keep this thread a value based evaluation of the value of our game currency based on key indicators try not to make sweeping generalizations or brash evaluations

Does this value fit a curve??

For example: IMHO based on ship kills Uridium has decreased in value... i.e. you need more uridium to accomplish a ship kill today than you did when I began playing (keep in mind I began playing 990+ days ago).

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less, now i can regain it faster if i want, with boxes or bks
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Less as is my ammo

Number of ship kills per ammo received from gg has gone down 50 %

They need to increase amount of uri we get for our money (there is answer to another of your threads Boots)
I had 367 000 HP when max damage from X4 was 45000

Today i have 367 000 HP when damage from X4 is 130 000

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Right now my value has greatly decreased, especially since I bought into the tech center and it hasn't worked properly since its in the game. I hope the rest of you are doing better off and have found some increase in value for the uridium you earn.
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Doesn't cost me more to pop ships any more. I can get "free" x4 from GGs (not including building them obviously), I get plenty of mines and xenomit to use smart bombs and instant shields, and the skylab provides plenty of credits to bid on all those useful things like boosters and cloaking chips.

Only uri I spend to pop is on the shared boosters really, and RSB.
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worth more for me.. about 900 uri now gets me 4.5 m credits from skylab.

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The value has decreased loads!!!

Back in the day £70 n a bit would get you FE status, you then carried the same power as every other person on the game, even the general - I'm going back before gates btw - 2v1s were considered as a joke, almost impossible to win...

Now in today's game it costs about 12mil uri to get FE + a full pilot bio. Onto of that you have to buy boosters, which arnt permanently...oh and you gates, and when it costs about 300k to build all 3 from scratch they're not cheap

And to top it all of you have those lovely new "skill"?! designs at 250k each...

Now we've all heard of inflation, but DO...your doing it wrong -.-
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Originally Posted by whitlockbr View Post

Is your Uridium worth more today than it was when you began playing??

I think it's the value of Items you purchase itself that has increased, not Uris themselves. Especially if you have a rebate package and premium, which reduces the costs of uri purchases.

For example, boosters have been reduced from 1 day to 10 hours each. A 10-cloak cpu is more expensive than buying 10 individual cloaks in a row, unless u bid for it. And the list goes on.

Then of course you have weaponry and ammo that never existed b4; the hellstorms and rsb-75. Ships that make u stronger in battle.

So I would say Uridium has kept the same value in the 2 years that I've been playing, it's just what u spend them has risen in price :-)

+ 970 days since registration.

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How bout this.

For your value with respect to rank, is your uridium worth more or less??

For the value you put into having fun, is your uridium worth more or less?? then what do you consider fun?

For the value you put into hunting, is your uridium worth more or less???

With respect to doing gates, is your uridium worth more or less??

Maybe these statements will give some direction to this discussion


Do you find that you get more satisfaction in game from the same amount of uri if your compared/contrasted when you started to now??

I understand that the price of things hasn't gone up explicitly(it has implicitly when you consider you could use banking doublers and mhh/hh concurrently, and there were x4 multipliers on the maps). I am just asking in this thread weather or not you get the same subjective value in your opinion from the uridium you purchase?


What do you consider valuable?? and does this require more or less uridium to obtain??

You could amortize over a period of time if you wish on bio ect as that is a one time cost because as time increases then the cost of bio decreases. i.e. if you see yourself only playing this game for 2 weeks more then the price of bio is ridiculous, however if you see your self playing this game over a long period of time then bio is virtually free. Its really the recurring costs that I am concerned with(gates, rsb, hellstrom, emp... ect...)


Good to know you find value in credits they are usefull and the exchange rate due to skylab is certianly attractive So you value credits and it takes less uridium to get those credits (i.e. the value of the uridium for you is more because of this).


I see your frugal, and certianly skill is a factor in this. To re-iterate your statement the value out of the uridium you get is more because the GG gives up soo much more these days than it did when you started(maybe you started playing before GG, or for some reason the GG has given up more since you started spinning the gen)?


The tech center is valueable to you and because it does not work to specs, the value of your URI to when you started is less. I feel your pain


Had I wanted another answer to my previous thread, I would have opened another one along the same lines. That, sir would be wrong and I would obtain naughty points for doing so This thread is about ones personal value so its different than my previous thread and subject to ones opinion.

With respect to the value your getting from your uridium amen, although it does contrast with decapicator's assesment of the Generator

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I think you're talking about uridium's worth to me personally?
for sure, 500k Uri is not worth as much fun to me as it used to be, and i haven't even bought a single booster, or gotten my tank's worth (31) B02s yet. so basically, i'm not a wallet warrior, who buys regularly and gets more used to it every time. i still have far to go, but uri is becoming steeper and steeper a commodity to spend real cash on.
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