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Old 23.11.2010, 10:37   #1
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Default Galaxy Gates Epsilon and Zeta

Epsilon Parts: 128
Epsilon Waves:
1: 10 Saimons, 20 Lordakias, 7 Mordons
2: 5 Sibelons, 10 Devolariams
3: 16 Boss Devolariams
4: 1 Boss Lordakium(ISH), 10 Lordakias
5: 5 Devolarium, 1 Sibelon(ISH), 5 Sibelonites
6: 3 Kristalon, 3 Lordakium
7: 300 Streuner
8: 1 Boss Streuner(x10)(ISH), 30 Streuners
9: 1 Cubikon, 30 Protogites
10: 1 Goliath Ship(15 bo2,31 lf3,x2 ammunition)

Rewards:18,000,000 ep
500,000 honor
90,000 uridium
20,000 RSB-75 ammunition
50,000 MCB-50 ammunition
500 Ubr-100 hellstorm rockets
20 log disks

Zeta Waves:
1: 200 Lordakia
2: 300 Streuner, 100 Mordons
3: 50 Devolariams
4: 100 Sibelonites
5: 130 Kristalins
6: 60 Sibelons
7: 30 Kristalons
8: 500 Streuner(x2), 400 Lordakia
9: 1 Kristalon(x2)(ISH),1 Kristalin(x5)
10: 20 Boss Mordons

Rewards:18,000,000 ep
500,000 honor
90,000 uridium
75,000 SAB
7,000 plt-3030
200 emp
20 log disks

When completed these gates give one golden triangle each which goes just outside the one given by Delta.(So when all six gates are done,there will be 3 rings surrounded by 3 triangles)Also they have a seperate building area like delta does from alpha,beta and gamma)
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Old 24.11.2010, 12:08   #2
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good idea for zeta gate but i think rings should stay same

zeta gate or epsilon could be given out like the group gate was maybe for 2-4 weeks that everyone finnishes it like birthday gate

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Old 30.11.2010, 23:00   #3
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NO NO NO NO we dont need anymore gates you know how hard it is for a none ww to get all there gates open ?? we dont need more alpha beta and gamma are plenty gate system isnt broken dont try fix or modify it in anyway
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Old 05.12.2010, 20:47   #4
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The last wave of epsilon when you said 'goliath ship' did you mean the sanijewez from delta gate or just a plain goliath? And if it was a regular goliath i think it should be a pirate version that looks closely the same but would have a new skin and maybe some damage. Also wave 10 for zeta seems way to easy compared to the other waves make the mordons x10 or something then that would be a challenge.
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Old 10.12.2010, 01:35   #5
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i think the rewards a bit too high, i wouldn't complain lol but it is a bit unrealistic. brilliant idea tho.
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