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Default DarkOrbit Bible!

Important Links
Forum Rules
Forum Netiquette
Signature Guidelines
Chat Guidelines
Guide: How to contact Support
Help: Make your gaming better
Account Security
Special Guides and Tips for new players

Important to read
Protection system for new players
Beginner's Achievements
Special Offers
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I shoot Aliens (NPCs) ?
How do I sell cargo ?
What are the Levels ?
What is Honor for ?
What are Rank points?
What are Happy Hours?
Dark Orbit Special Events
Level Invasion Gate
Jackpot Arena
Team Death Match
Capture The Beacon
New Client Bible
Start - Space Map
Client Interface -Ammo and CPU Bar
Hot Key Standard FAQ
Hot Key Updated Options FAQ
Hexagon Boxes - Left Side of Screen
Hexagon Boxes - Top Right Corner
Map System
Group Outfit System FAQ
Refining & Upgrading
InGame Chat System
Backpage Areas
- Breaking News
- User Info
- Account Information
How to change your User Information

Forgotten Password FAQ
Newsletter Subscription
- Hall of Fame
- Log Book
- Overview
- Equipment
- Ships
- Goliath Designs
- Vengeance Designs
- Specialty Designs
- Drones
- Weapons
Laser Ammo
Mine Ammo
Rocket Ammo
- Generators
CPU page 1
CPU Page 2
- Boosters
Pro Boosters
- Auctions ( How to Bid)
- Beginner Tutorial To Skylab
- Video Tutorial to Skylab
- Skylab Robot FAQ
- Basics
- Energy Leech
- Chain Destroyer
- Precision Targeter
- Backup Shield
- Battle Repair Bot
- How to produce a Tech item
- The Space Map and Tech Activation
No Clan
- Join
- Company
In A Clan
- Information
- Members
- Administration
- Messages
- Diplomacy

- Uridium & Banking Page


- Basics
- Fuel
- Price List - Upgrades/ levels
- Hanger Options
- Level Images
- Gear FAQ
- Protocol FAQ
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Jump Chip FAQ
- New CPU Overviews
- Hellstorm Rocket Launcher FAQ
- Skill Designs FAQ
- Ship HP & Shield Chart
- How to change Ship Design
- Drone Levels (with images)
- Levelling Drones - # of kills
- Levelling Drones - Drone Experience Points
- Changing Language in Game
- Player & NPC Points
- NPC Charts
- NPC (Standard)
- Boss Alien FAQ
- Uber NPC Data
- Special NPC FAQ
- Honor & Experience For Player Kills
- Honor (Explanation)
- Rank Points - Alien & Player Kills
- Rank System FAQ
- Damage Chart
- Resources FAQ
- Titles FAQ

- Time Zone Chart
- Chat Commands
- Changing Language in Game
- Encrypted Bonus Boxes
- Achievements System FAQ
- Galacy Gate FAQ
- Galaxy Gate : ALPHA
- Galaxy gate : BETA
- Galaxy Gate : DELTA
- Galaxy Gate : Epsilon
- Galaxy Gate : GAMMA
- Galaxy Gate : HADES
- Galaxy Gate : KAPPA
- Galaxy Gate : KRONOS
- Galaxy Gate : LAMBDA
- Galaxy Gate : Zeta
- Galaxy Gate: Rank Chart
- Materializer FAQ
- Frequently Asked Questions about Galaxy Gates
- Video Strategies - (submitted by players)
- Complete Guide to Delta (done by player)
- Group Gate FAQ
- Pilot Bio / Skill Tree FAQ
- Pilot Bio Guide & Tips
Uridium Retalated Items
- Happy Hour
- Promotional Codes
- Cash For Action FAQ
- New Betting System


Contributions By: Whitelazers, HarleyD, Razor, ZHawk, AlienHunter, Carnage and Sephiroth

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Default Home

With the new, exciting changes to our HOME page, we hope that you enjoy the same old features with the great new ones.

However to make things easy, here is a little guide to help you get used to locating the placement of common items.

1. User ID
2. Home Tab
3. Level
4. Experience
5. Honor
6. Help
7. Log Out
8. Credits
9. Uridium
10. Jackpot Dollars

Your homepage - this is mostly an information page.

Breaking news - this will tell you up & coming events, new updates, new equipment, new ships, etc.
Keep an eye on this (you never know when something new will come).

Your Info - this explains itself; it just has your basic information.

Hall of fame - this box will show the top 9 users on your servers, by username and points.
So, best battle your way up to the top!
You can see more by clicking on All Hall of Fame Records.

The log book - this will have everything you've killed, quests completed, bids won, and clans joined.

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Default Hangar

This is the place where you will find everything to update you ship even buy new ships.

Overview, this will tell you all the basic information about your ship.
How much Hit-points, Ammo, rockets and so on.
This thread below will help you greatly to understand it.
>> Overview Help <<

Equipment, the is probably your most important area.
This area will haul all your weapons, shields, drones, designs and extras to put on your ship.
Click this link the continue to learn about the Equipment.
>> Explanation of equipment <<

Ships, this is where you can buy new ships for either credits or uridium.
>> Explanation of all ships <<

Drones, you can buy these for credits and uridium.
They will hold extra slots for your weapons, shields and extras.
>> Explanation of drones <<

Weapons, everyone wants these on their ships.
You can buy these for credits and uridium, some require special ammo to fire.
>> Information on weapons <<

Ammo, this will show laser ammo, rockets and mines, everything you need for your weapons.
>> Ammunition Information <<

Generators, these are your very important shields and engines.
>> Generators Explained <<

Extras, these are very important for you ships equipment.
These include, Repair bots, Cloaks, Cargo Expansions and many more.
>> Full List of extras <<

Boosters, these are little perks you can have to give you a little boost.
A boost in damage, shields, hit-points and many more.
>> Booster Information <<

Designs, these are special colours and perks you can have for your ship.
Only available for the Goliath and Vengeance.
>> Design colours and perks <<

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Default Forgotten Password FAQ

Forgotten Password Function

To use the forgotten Password function, in the top right hand corner under the log in area you will find a link that reads:
Forgotten password. (As shown Below) Click the link to prceed.

Here is where you start.

Enter the Username and or the email address to complete step 1 (As shown Below)

After you have clicked NEXT to proceed a new window will open that reads - Check your Mail. (As shown below) You will need to go to the registered email address for the account to retrieve the next step.

Once you have received an email from bigpoint , Subject: Forgot Password.

The email should look like the one shown below.

In this email you will find a link that reads: Enter New Password- You will need to click this link to bring up the next step of the process.

Once you have clicked the link in the Email, a window to change the current password will open. (As shown below)

On the right side you will need to Enter a NEW password - You will have to type the password twice to make sure that the
2 entries are the same.

Click next to proceed.

The next window will give you a notification that another email has been sent, and to the email address that it is being sent to. (As shown below)

You will need to return to the registered email, where you should find an email from bigpoint, Subject: Change Password.

An example of the email: (as shown below)

Click Confirm Password to complete the final step of the process.

Once the email Confirmation for the Password change has been made, you will receive a window reading Sucess! (As shown Below)

At this point you can click the back button
to take you to your home page.

Forgotten Password process is completed.

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Default Skylab

This is the place to get your newly formed very valuable ore, Seprom.

These threads below will tell you everything you need to know about it.
Skylab Help

Skylab Help 2

Skylab Help 3

Seprom is valuable - use it wisely!

Skylab's new facility - the tech center.

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Default Clan

This is where you can join with your friends or make a clan or your own.
Clans have many benefits from, helping each other, gaining credits, hunting as one.

This is where you can join a clan or make your own.
Costing 50.000 Credits to join, 300.000 to make your own.
>> Further information on joining/creating a clan <<

Company, this is where you can change your company from EIC,MMO & VRU.
If your not happy with things you can find new ways in other companies.
>> Information on moving companies <<

This is where you can see all the information about the clan you're in.
Updated news, updated information messages, everything a clan needs.
>> Further Information <<

Members, every clan needs these, you can accept/decline, sort out the members ranks here.
>> Information on members <<

Admin, this is your tax area.
Change the tax rate to gain income for the clan, to then share to members who are in need.
>> Tax rate instructions <<

You can send important things to your members here if you don't want others knowing.
You can either send individual message or mass send them.
>> Information on sending messages <<

Here you can send other clans alliances and non-aggression pacts (NAP)
This is a good way to form a good group of people to hunt enemy down.
You can also send wars to other clan here if they are not being good within your company.
>> Pacts, Naps & War <<

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Default Uridium

Here you can check on your recent transactions on your account.

Banking, this is where you can buy uridium for your account, use cash for action to gain uridium.
>> Information on buying uridium <<

This will tell you of any credits/uridium spent or earned, it will keep a log of it for you.

Exchange, if you're running low on credits you can swap uridium for credits to give you a boost.
The exchange rate is 1 Uridium to 10 Credits.

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Default Quests

All features of QUESTS have now been moved to the NYX module. For information on how to accept Quests, please see the following FAQ:

NYX - Quest Giver Station FAQ

We will continue to update this section as time permits.

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Default Help

Here you can go to the forums, guides and contact support for any problems.

Whichever you want just click on the links within the pictures.
Forums are a great place to be as you mostly found out reading this.

Contacting support link is there for you also if you have any problems.
>> Contact support page <<

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Default Pilot Bio

This is the must thing to have in darkorbit at the moment.
Better shields, damage, more uridium from boxes, cargo, experience and many more perks.

They will help with almost everything there is to gather in dark Orbit.
The link below will greatly help you in understanding how these work.

>>Pilot Bio Skill Tree FAQ<<

>> Pilot Bio Guide <<

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