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Old 26.07.2010, 18:39   #1
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Default To the TOP players,What ever server you play.

So your ranked in the top 20 (well done by the way)

But i see this must take hours of work,and in some cases a lot a cash.

I have seen first hand what one player at the top puts on thier account each week to keep it ranked in the top 10,not just that but the hours they play it day after day.

Now not knocking anyone at all,But is it worth it?

Just want to know what the "BUZZ" is the thrill in being top 20 or having your ship in that "HALL OF FAME"

Is gate bashers as they have been called really worth spending most your time in the gates then in the maps?

Just to have your ship at the top.

I play very little but have fun when i do play,hate gates but do them for whites when i run out,Alpha mainly it's easy and quick lol.

Greetings Dark_Valentine[ŁØVΣ],

Your current position in the ranking is 404

You have 707.517.811 experience points and 4.937.334 honor points.

Your current level is 18.

You destroyed 448 spaceships and 51.671 aliens.

Your clan Brothers In Arms [BIA] is ranked #11 in the clan ranking.

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Had account in top 10 on one server and it was not worth it (long before bio)
was gg bunny ,slept few hours with job and other stuff never had time for anything
now this acc in top 3000 and i am having more fun then ever
btw on this acc got 4 times more ship kills than you and still in 3000 + ranking
ppl who are prepared to play 14 + hours a day and most of it double boosted (EP/Honor) in gg well good luck to them but i'd rather have fun
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Where do I start?

For those of you who posted offensive language, don't! You may have deleted the posts, but the damage was done.

To those of you who quoted the offensive language, just as bad.

And the rest of you who spammed the thread, don't. And making fun of the way people speak/type/spell is not nice in any way. I hope you feel good about doing it.

Perfectly good question from OP, please keep it clean.
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With me i never set out to be in the top ten.

It was more like wow i am ranked 1000 and odd,say shall i try and get to the top 1000,then it was like shall i try and get to the top 500 and so on untill i was in the top 50 and it took ne a year to get from 26th to 7th.

Then because of inactive players i made the rank 4th which was nice

Gates i have phases with at times they are fun with the right music or while on the phone chatting you can fly through them,
Then they are times you look at all your 4 gates built,think what wave yer on and think i just can not be bothered lol.Also you get to know what time it takes you to do a wave, so if i have 15 minutes to spare and i am on alpha bk's i'll jump in and bang them out to fill time lol.

In the game the best rank is him/her with the most ship kills so i might be ranked 4th, but in ship kills i am 67th so still a noob

so being in the hall of fame is nice, but with all these new toys i am just keeping 4th warm for player like NECRO of eic whom are moving up the ranks very fast.

in the game like in life nothing last for ever so i shall enjoy my 4th while i am allowed to

what does it really mean being in the hall of fame you ask,
it's a passion to be higher ranked then anyone else i would say but the price is a lonenly one and live in the gates most of your online game time

plus i's a means for others to insul you and in my case call me a purse warrior lol

Company VRU /GB1

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Never been in top players but just want to say something.

I dont think its worth it.The only reason I would like to be in top players is to be a respected player.But now ppl know that top players are just some guys who pay a lot.They are not respected like they were 2 years ago.

If I would want, I could do gates all day but it would be very boring plus I dont want to waste my money here just for some rubbish updates.

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Blinzeln Not my cup o' tea...

IMHO it is a Player Style choice. Not everyone is "wired" in a way that makes it worthwhile for them. (Myself being one of those "not wired that way" folks.)

Getting there is a severe struggle of time and money. Keeping there an even larger commitment to a single minded goal: stats. I commend those whose "wiring" allows them to do that day in and day out; whose resources of Time, Money, and Clan/Friends makes attaining that goal possible for them. I know for a fact, I couldn't do it: the payoff isn't enough (for me) to justify the expense...

One of the "beauties" of the Game is the ability to define things for yourself and use the Play Style that you enjoy within the Rules of the Game.
- Z-Hawk
Use your TOOLS to maximize YOUR Play Style in the Game...
xo, Birds Of Prey, EIC, USA (East), UserID# 2949131
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oh darn i went from rank 51 to 235 on us east oh the shame oh the shame of it all , I'll never be able to show my face in public again
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Old 27.07.2010, 14:50   #8
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oops wait a minute! yay im ranked 234 yay
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Old 27.07.2010, 15:55   #9
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to b e honest being top10 or 20 has never interested me my global europe 2 acount has been inside the top 3 on the server at one stage its been a general at one stage i think i kept general for just over a week then like that i lost it again over night as someone did 60k more rank points than me ina day and then i thought to myself if people want to put that amount of cash into the game so be it uk serve risnt that bad for ranking same as usa east its fairly esay to climb up if you wanted to next time theres a new global europe server make an acount and watch the reanks on there go crazy ive seen players go from lvl 1 to lvl 17 in 3 days on global europe servers ive seen people make enough top user rank points to be 4th or 5th on uk server in 3 and a half months

5..:ÐΞMØ:.™4.068.691 Points

thats 5th on uk server so yea if people wanna spend the sorts of money it takes to get up there let them am sure a few years down the line they will look back and think why did i spend so much money on that game

global europe 3 is a prime exsample of big spenders that server is not even a year old yet

.√ΛS_¤°»SPΛCΣ«°¤_√ΛS3.428.784.210 EP

didnt stop him making 3bil ep though
and dont think he must do crazy amounts of gates as hes also got over 40k ship kills
LVL 20FE goli uk server (vru)
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even the ship ranks mean nothing these days how many players going to be honest and say how may acual golis they poped? 90% of kills are eggs trust me.I go for quality not quantity.
Most i see now these days is alot of people in the top 100 goin to home bases in the lowers etc for easy noob kills just to rank up more ships and brag how much ship kills they got .
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