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Default Drone Repair CPU

I'm just checking to be certain I done waste all my Uridium in like 10 deaths or so.

The Drone Repair CPU's, the first one says it will automatically repair eight drones, when ship is at 70% damage, shouldn't it say when drones are at 70% damage, because I'm guess that's what it means? And the same with the Drone Repair CPU 2, I hope to god it doesn;t mean when you die once your drones will auto repair, does it mean when the drones reach 99% ?

And may I ask how much they normally go for in Trade?


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Drone CPU 1 - 8 automatic drone repairs if Drone damage is +70% and if there is enough Uridium.

Drone CPU 2 - 32 automatic drone repairs if Drone is completely damaged and if there is enough Uridium.

Yes it means when your drones reaches certain damage Drone Repair CPU will repair your drones for you if you have enough uridium or repair credits.

Noone can tell you how much to bid, you can win it for 1 credit and you can also loose millions.

Any further questions ?

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No that's it, thanks a lot. I got two of the Drones Repair CPU 2's, 2 mil credits spent.
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Answered and closed.
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