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Default gamma

what would u do to do 16 bks in gamma should i use 50% damage bonus or do it now i dont now
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Default BK

Hey there, when I did Gamma I used some SAB, to rip off their shields then x1 until they ran and then I greened em.

If you do wait until Sunday they will go a bit faster though. How soon do you want your reward

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well its my first time gamma and i keep dieing on bk i just wont the rings
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Prom your lasers about 50k worth thats 5000 of the ore, that will give you another 30% damage on your lasers and 6k seprom on rockets thats 600 of ore
try and get a shield booster and 10% faster rep booster to
(shield booster will be useful on next wave prots)

and if your haveing trouble with them leave the cargo its not worth picking up if it will cause you to pop..

x1 is fine to use especialy since with the above it will be 80% boosted
If your shields drop then use a little sab to build it back up
when it runs use x3 to chase it down and pop it

If your hp goes below 150k then go rep, when the bk runs you can run in the opposite direction just for a few seconds just to lead the pack away from the running bk so you can chase it down without the remaing bks on your back..

Hopefully you will get it done easy, the gamma prots after are fun i dont know if you know this but if you are fast and careful you can run uri through the galaxy gate to get extra hp as you do the prots allow 20k

hehe i just did my gamma bks in 1:45 useing x1/x3 when it runs without any boosters
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ty it is just i keep loseing internet hopefully this will help
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Hi there,

it seems the OP is satisfied with the answer .

If you have any further questions, please feel free to open a new thread.

Closing now.


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