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Default Galaxy Gate. reward for each GG

what is reward for completing GG alpha,beta,gama.etc ? ?
then,if i'm inside of GG,,How i can back to the normal maps ?
I already completing the alpha gate,but i d0nt kn0w how to use and back to normal maps,.thanXs
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Read the DO bible before asking questions
it tells rewards and a general description -

Galaxy Gate Guide

when you enter a gate you must finish the wave or die before you can return to normal maps. On completion of a wave 2 gates will appear, one for returning to maps and another to advance in the gate.
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What are the galaxy gates?
  • The galaxy gates are four portals to go to different galaxies and take on the task of killing many waves of different aliens.
  • These gates are Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.
What is the purpose of the galaxy gates?
  • Completing galaxy gates affect your rank points and statistics such as aliens killed, honour and experience. The amount of rewards you get from each gate varies from gate to gate.
    • Alpha Gate -
      • 20,000 Uridium
      • 20,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
      • 100,000 Honour
      • 4,000,000 Experience
      • 2 Repair credits
    • Beta Gate -
      • 40,000 Uridium
      • 40,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
      • 200,000 Honour
      • 8,000,000 Experience
      • 4 Repair credits
    • Gamma Gate -
      • 60,000 Uridium
      • 60,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
      • 300,000 Honour
      • 12,000,000 Experience
      • 6 Repair credits
    • Delta Gate -
      • 45,000 Uridium
      • 45,000 Type 4 (x4 damage) ammunition
      • 225,000 Honour
      • 9,000,000 Experience
      • 5 Repair credits
  • You will also find that when you complete galaxy gates you are given a symbol above your rank for the amount of gates that you have done. These look like the following:
    • 1 gate complete :
    • 2 gates complete :
    • 3 gates complete :
    • 4 gates complete :
How do you set up and use the galaxy gates?
    • Galaxy gates are set up by obtaining galaxy gate pieces. These can be collected through the galaxy gate generator, which is found on your back page (the window that isn't the space map). By clicking energy you are essentially taking a go at recieving one of the many prizes on offer. Each spin will cost 100 Uridium (95 uridium for premium members) and you can collect free spins through collecting bonus boxes - the thing you are looking for are "Free galaxy gate energy"
  • When you have all of the parts for your galaxy gate(s) you click on the Galaxy Gates part of your backpage again and select the gate that you wish to set up which is found at the top right of that page. Each gate requires a different amount of pieces to be fully set up:
    • Alpha gate
      • Needs 34 pieces to be completed
    • Beta gate
      • Needs 48 pieces to be completed
    • Gamma gate
      • Needs 82 pieces to be completed
    • Delta gate
      • Needs 128 pieces to be completed
How do I use the galaxy gates?
  • Once you have a galaxy gate set up, they will appear on your home map. Your home map is the map that has the number 1 at the end of the map number.
    • MMO
      • 1-1
    • EIC
      • 2-1
    • VRU
      • 3-1
  • When you get to your home map, close to your base (blue square on your mini-map) you will see that the gate has been set up (that is, if you have set it up). Simply approach the gate, click jump and you will jump into the first wave of the gate (if newly set up) and that is you starting the gate.
  • After each wave of aliens you can jump out of the gate by hovering over the normal jump portal (on the right) and pressing the 'J' button. The gate will save your progress ready for the next time you're ready to jump.
Additional Information
  • FAQ for the Galaxy Gates
    • Gives answers to many of those fequently asked questions about galaxy gates. Is not a strategy guide but more of a how to thread.
  • The galaxy gates
    • From the post in the Dark Orbit Bible made by HtHammond on the forums, contains some useful information for 'newbies' to the galaxy gates.
  • Galaxy gate strategy guide
    • A series of videos made on a players methods of doing the different galaxy gate waves. Many methods are more popular than others, but a good resource.
  • The complete guide to delta gate
    • Contains some very useful methods and statistics on the delta gate. Was one of the first threads made on the gate and still is known as a fairly useful one.
  • What is in the galaxy gates
    • Provides a lot of statistical data on the first three galaxy gates (Alpha, Beta and Gamma). Was posted quite a while ago however a lot of the information is still valid.

Thats everything you will ever need to know about gates.
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I'll close this now as it been answered (thanks)

As said this is everything you need to know

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