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Default help with xenomit

can u help i cant figure out how to use xenomit i'vegot loads what do i do with it and what have i actually got to do to use it. I know i sound thick but its doing my head in. thanx
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Xenomit is used in the production of promerium from the refining of prometid and duranium. It costs nothing to produce these last two minerals from prometium, endorium and terbium. Promerium boosts your ship and your weapons and is what is often referred to "prom" in the game.
It also is also used for smart bombs and aiming cpus when these cpu's are bought and activated

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Xenomit is used to make Promerium, the very bottom type of resource in Lab menu. It's the most expensive but I wouldn't sell it, keep it and always assign it to your engines or shields or rockets in Lab->Update menu.

Don't waste Duranium and Prometid along with Xenomit to make Promeirum, most alien ships bigger than Mordon give you at least one. Keep Duranium and Prometid to sell and make credits.

Leave Xenomit for when you start using some of the CPUs(it's like ammo for some CPU functions), they are in Hangar->Extra menu. Trust me it's hard to come by and you want to save it. Besides it doesn't take up space at all.

So, to recap:
1. Xenomit - keep collecting it, don't use it to make Promerium, save it for CPUs.
2.Don't waste Duranium and Prometid, it's what ultimately makes you credits.
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Originally Posted by whytry2002 View Post
1. Xenomit - keep collecting it, don't use it to make Promerium, save it for CPUs.
Depending on your status , eg being fully elite or not , you will need to use promerium for your engines , lasers , shields or rockets if you like to hunt other companies , yes when you are just a beginner , sell it and make credits but when u become more advanced 'promming up' as they call it can sometimes be essential to get away from enemy ships , it increases your firepower by 30% ,

Promerium Information

Prometid: 10
Duranium: 10
Xenomit: 1
Increases firepower (+30%) or output (+20%)
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A mordon gives you 1 Promerium. A FE Goli has no problem killing a Mordon. 1 Promerium lasts 10min.

Kill 10 Mordon and you got a whole hour worth of Promerium for your engines.
Another 10 Mordon and you got an hour worth of Promerium for your shields.
Rockets deploy somewhat slow so they don't waste Promerium that much. I've stacked them with 5000 worth of Promerium.

The only thing valid from previous response is lasers. They eat Promerium like crazy.

But being that you ask a question about Xenomit you are not even close to being Fully Elite Equipped. What I mean is his response does not pertain to you and will not pertain to you for another good couple of months, unless you decide to spend real money on the game, but in that case you wouldn't have to worry much about conserving or keeping anything.

There you go, SAVE XENOMIT, it will come in handy over time.
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Check out this thread >> Click me <<

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