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Default Uridium cheats = scam

If you are trying a uridium cheat similar to the on found here:

It is a scam, the only one getting a million uridium is the guy who posted the video.

How do I know this? Well, I have seen several of the same "cheats" on youtube, and noticed that the ID number you send to bigpoint is different each time. These ID's would be the numbers of the account you are sending uridium to, not your own.

And you are charged for it on top of that.

I repeat: they will not work and you will be charged for a purchase of uridium you will not get.
If you fell for this please be more careful.

I suggest a MOD or ADMIN sticky this, or make an announcement of it.

Clan leaders should also make note of this on their forums, I will on mine.
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or just read the forums for finding this one >> Click here

and :

why do a note to ppl , that this *cheats* there are fake ?
one of the most important rules for playing a game ( especially a multiplayer one ) is :
do not cheat do not use bugs.

if you do not like this rule, get your gameboy out and play tetris

have a nice day
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I came acrossed these videos when I was watching D.O. battles on youtube, they were in the related videos section. I wasn't looking for these cheats specifically, but rather just caught my eye when looking through the random videos. When I saw "get 1 million uridium!" I naturally went *click*, I think anyone would do the same.
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Default Help me please

hi, i was told to come here for hel. the other day. i had 20k uri and i was going to buy a vengi and then all my uri just was gone. all of a sudden, and i am kinda mad, i dont even want to play anymore. so what do i do? user= -fatheadson- USA East server.
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First:Everyone who has a problem should write his/her User ID here.
I never belive this kind of cheats like text message cheat and I don't think it works.The real fun of game is to get your FE items without getting lots of uri without working.Thats why I haven't buy anything for my acc.
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