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Default The Complete Guide to Delta

The Complete Guide to Delta

1. Introduction
2. The Waves
3. SaNeJiEwZ
4. Strategy Guide
5. Pictures
Welcome to the Complete Guide to Delta in this thread i will be showing you everything you need to know about the gate from how many Npc's in each wave to the New Alien. I'll also be adding a Guide for completing Delta.
I would recommend that if you haven't completed all three original gates then you dont build Delta as it costs 135-260k Uridium to build and you could build all three gates for less than 260k.

2.The Waves
Red= Type of Npc(x2 is the same as beta etc.). Green= Total EP. Blue= Total Uri. Black= Total Honor.

Wave 1:
5 Lordakia(x2)
10 Mordons(x2)
15 Saimonites(x2)
Wave Total: 120,000/300

Wave 2:
11 Streuners(x2)
1 StreuneR(x4)
Wave Total: 21,600

Wave 3:
5 Mordons(x2)
10 Saimonites(x2)
15 Kristallins(x2)
Wave Total: 256,000/400/1280

Wave 4:

12 Lordakia(x4
1 Lordakium(x2
Wave Total:

Wave 5:

10 Boss Lordakia
6 Boss Saimonites
8 Boss Mordons
Wave Total: 144,000/432/864

Wave 6:
15 Sibelonites(x3
1 Sibelon(x3
Wave Total:

Wave 7:

5 Sibelonites(x2
10 Kristallins(x3
5 Boss StreuneRs
Wave Total: 288,000/760/1440

Wave 8:

10 Kristallins(x3
1 Kristallon(x2
Wave Total:

Wave 9:
15 Protegits(x2
3 Boss Lordakiums

Wave Total:

Wave 10:
3 SaNeJiEwZ
Wave Total: 153,600/768/1536

Gate Rewards:
9,000,000 EP, 45,000 Uri, 225,000 Honor, 45,000 x4 Ammo, 5 Repair Credits and 450 Xenomite

Gate Total:10,770,400


Hitpoints: *--------------------Prometium: 300
Shield: *-----------------------Terbium: 300
Experience: 51,200------------Endurium: 300
Honor: 512----------------------------Prometid: 126
Credits: 409,600----------------------Duranium: 126
Uridium: 256------------------------Promerium: 44
Xenomit: 22
Damage Per shot: 4-5k
Locations: Delta Gate

* didn't get a chance to calculate there Hp and Shield (to busy Killing them) if anyone figures it out i'll put it in

4.Strategy Guide
This Guide is simple but very effective. Using this Guide i completed the gate in 7 hours.

I only used 4 Configurations for the whole gate(all configs should be prommed). Next to each wave there will be a number indicating which Configs I used.
15 G3N-7900 Speed Engines
16 SG3N-BO2 Sheilds
15 SG3N-BO2 Shields
15 LF3 Lasers

15 SG3N-BO2 Shields
16 SG3N-BO2 Shields
5 G3N-7900 Speed Engines
10 SG3N-BO2 Shields
16 SG3N-BO2 Shields
Use Configs 1 and 2 for all waves except for wave 9.
For wave 9 use configs 1, 3 and 4 (i'll explain later).
In waves 2,4,6,8 and 9 the bigger Npc's use Insta-Shields while the smaller Npc's are still alive so kill them first.

Waves 1-8:
Fly in on your slow config(2) and lock an Npc, shoot it(while cirling) until your shields get low then switch configs(1) and continue to circle until you have to break off and rep. On the earlier waves the Npc should start to run before you need to run so kill it then repeat until the wave is finished.
Important!: Remember to rep both Shields you don't want to go in and realise you have no shields.

Start this wave by killing the Protegits first using Configs 1 and 3. Then kill the Boss Lordakiums using Configs 3 and 4.

Step1-Fly in with your slow Config(3) so you are slow enough to get a lock then switch configs(1) and fly away for a quick rep.
Step2-Once repped go in shooting with your heavy shield config(
3) when ur shields are almost gone switch, by the time it switches u wont have any shields on ur battle ( it does take a while to get used to) take a couple of shots with your speed config now get out of there for a rep.
Step3- repeat Step2 until the Prot runs then chase it down and kill it.
Important!: Prots will rep once they are in a corner and come back so make sure you kill them.
Step4- Repeat this until all Prots gone.

Boss Lordakiums:
Step1-Switch Config 1 with Config 4. Make sure you DON'T stay on your back page for long so you don't pop.
Step2-Use the same technique you used for the Prots. Go in shooting with your heavy shield config (1) once your shields are low switch configs(4) and go rep.
Step3-Repeat Step2 until the Npc runs. This is what config 4 is for it gives you enough speed to go rep and enough shields to kill the Boss Lordakium when it runs.
Important!: They will rep(and they rep faster than you) as soon as they get to the corners if you aren't shooting them so make sure you use good ammo to finish them off.
Step4- Repeat until all Boss Lordakiums are gone.

Wave 10:
This is the easiest wave on the gate even easier than the Streuners.
Use Configs1 and 2 . Using config 2 shoot the SaNeJiEwZ with abs then x3, you won't even have to move.

Even though you can't circle aswell as other gates(because of the Npc's increased range) it is still essential because it reduces the amount of Npc's hitting you, allowing you to stay in for longer and increasing the damage you inflict.


*Note that to get the Triangle you must complete all 4 gates*

Just so people who havent seen an Npc using a Insta-Shield:

Thanks to [+HC+]drgular™ and [ІA]ÐAЯĶ-MAŦŦĖЯ for contributing to this Guide. Who said Different Companies couldn't work together?

I hope you found this guide useful.


Your Either Hardcore Or Your Just Not!!

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That triangle over your other rings is straight up FUGLY as heck...
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well done rob them new npcs look cool
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Thanks, Rob

I agree, the triangles are ridiculously ugly xD The 3 gold rings alone looks a little classier. If anything, I think they should change the 3 rings to a Gold Infinity symbol for completing all 4 gates.

A) Please Sticky this. A prior post of the npcs in Delta is inaccurate, and not as inclusive as this post. Would be appreciated if this more helpful post could be made a "Sticky"

B) Take into consideration the Gold Infinity symbol for completing all 4 gates. If they do just Delta: small gold triangle. 1 or 2 gates and Delta: 1 or 2 rings and small gold triangle. All 3 gates and Delta: Gold Infinity symbol

Thanks again, Rob
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Wow its nice too finnaly see the new alien...

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I'm putting in the Strategy Guide now so i apologise if the thread changes alot.
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Im putting the guide in right now lol give it a hr or so then come back and it will be done .

Your Either Hardcore Or Your Just Not!!
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Ok i'm all finished hope you like it. And maybe a Mod will make it a sticky so its easy to access.

Your Either Hardcore Or Your Just Not!!
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i ran 3 shields in the iris's the rest LF3's
used ep and damage and shield and hp boost.
x2 everything up to wave 9
Kept the same conf's but went in locked the prots with my instant shields everything in wave nine got x4

wave ten went in with x4 but switched to x3 i dare say you could x2 them easy because you can out run them.

but rob amazing guird takes hat off to you sir x kitti x

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Company VRU /GB1

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This is exactly how i done my gate. I used x2 on everything except wave 9 and 10. Wave 9 i used x3 on prots then x4 when they ran and x2 on lords then x4 when they ran. Wave 10 i went in with 5k prommed lasers and came out still prommed.

Your Either Hardcore Or Your Just Not!!
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