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Old 09.08.2009, 19:03   #1
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Default Auction refunds

yes a post about losing millions of credits on the auction everyday. when you are out bidded on the action market you should get your credit back. even if you only get 1/2 of them back id be fine.
is there even a real reason you don't get them back?
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cause the collectors aka bigpoint/DO are greedy ppl like that.
I have lost maybe 15 million in bids too but hey they take our money its easier than paying with real money for uri.
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i agree i lost over 50 million credits biding on items there sould be some refuned of the credits you bid
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Old 09.08.2009, 23:51   #4
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Do you not realise what will happen? The more wealthy players will be able to outbid every newbie who even attempts to bid, and prices would sky rocket as more credits flood into the system.

Here's a thought, what happens to a country's currency once it becomes too available? It can happen to a game as easy.
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Old 10.08.2009, 00:05   #5
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No, credits will not be refunded

There are already Threads like this one.

You lose the bid, you lost the credits.

No refunds.

This should be closed

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If I place a 20 mil bid and get it back, guess what? I'm going to place that 20 mil back into the bidding again and so on the cycle would go.
Getting refunded would insure that bidding, even on the most useless items, would skyrocket into the millions if not billions.
The trade system would not be open to anyone of low income or levels, there is a reason for a lot of things DO does if you really sit and think about it.
A loss of 15 mil or 50 mil is just a drop in the bucket for some players. The highest bid I ever lost was 120 mil on a iris bid. Yea it hurt but oh well back to work earning more creds for me, LOL.
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As real auction in real life,it is supposed to be possible to know the bid, and if they lose they dont wasted a single money,

Since it named trade area,there should be a special page so you can trade pieces for other pieces,I think darkorbit would maek more money with a subscipion to trade in uridiums
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1. k if every one got the credits back that they lost in bids the bids would skyrocket cuz no one would lose creds and then every one will keep complaining about that
2. Ohh and this idea has been posted many many time before its going to be closed in no time

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Originally Posted by gamenut94 View Post
yes a post about losing millions of credits on the auction everyday. when you are out bidded on the action market you should get your credit back. even if you only get 1/2 of them back id be fine.
is there even a real reason you don't get them back?
Already been suggested Thousands of times. Hope to see this closed soon.

Bids are free game, put what you think you'll win with, if you dont have the money, stop whining in my opinion.
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actually, if you are a premium member i think you do get a small portion back. 5% maybe, cant remember.
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