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Default nanohull

hey comunistvenus here i got a right good question i just logged in and i looked at my ship stats and it said i had a nanohull can any body explain how i got this and whats it for

any help appreciated

thanks comunistvenus global america
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Hi comunistvenus
The information can be found in the Official announcements section.

Here is a link:-

Regards Pacman.
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its extra hp from gg spins.
just takes free space from log window
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Originally Posted by bumbulis View Post
its extra hp from gg spins.
just takes free space from log window
every1 has it right now though, until they lose it, then u can get it in GG spins.
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Please read the latest FAQ:

Nano Hull Strength FAQ
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OK thanks every for the response very helpful
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hello comunistevenus, nano hull is the extra hp that u got frm gg spins & due to that neww update i think the darkorbit team give the nano hull to all the ppl
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it is extra hp you get from GG spins.It is the same as yellow health but instead they added a new bar.
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Thanks to all the posters above who helped the OP with this question and providing the correct FAQ links.

Closing as the OP is satisfied with the answer given.
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