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Old 10.08.2012, 11:18   #1
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Default Saturn goliath design

It's so painful to make that new kronos gate, because it cost over 3,500,000 uridium. But when you do that gate and you wont get that saturn design, then you are so peaced off
So i think this: because that gate is so expensive, you get that goliath design, when you have done that gate. No changes or opportunities, you get it !

+ Players will do that gate faster and thats why bp get maybe faster money

- Because the change to get saturn design is 100%, most of players will do it only once.

I think darkorbit need one (even one) galaxygate, what will give you something in 100% change. So i hope that bp can do it.

Sry my bad english skill, i hope that you can understand me
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The thing is, there is people that really play this game gates, gates, and gates and so many times can make it(kronos). The more difficulty is just that difficulty because of that so if you really want it, just if it has to be 1/4 to get it, do that. Don't act like the game should be given to you because then everybody will feel that's not right.

It seems like Dark Orbit knows money so don't say nothing about that and is this really about just having gate that's 100% get something which it seems like, instead of just this gate you can't 100% get something? rhetorical so no answer necessary
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Old 10.08.2012, 22:11   #3
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The Epilson gate, Zeta gate, Kappa gate and now the kronos gate were all made because players who already had most of the new equipment had nothing else to get other than ammo. The kronos gate is a free gate think about it, You do alpha, beta and gamma for x4 ammunation each gate gives you a higher amount of ammunation. Delta gate was added because darkorbit players needed some more fun/ something to do. Then epilson and zeta was added for the chance of lf4 and Havoc drone designs.. so you can change the look of your ship and be/have more of a challenge within the game. It challenges you to get these designs a WW could have opened these 35 epilson and 10 zeta and got what they wanted if it was 100% chance. However BP want money so they would make the chances lower so players do the gate over and over also Players would not have anything to do with the gate and would be completely useless unless you want the rank points. Other than that hercules was introduced to balance out the shields (so they dont introduce bo3's (which are rumors)) so the damage and shields were evened out. Lambada GG was introduced (in my opinion a very bad gate) which gives free players to get a easy gate built and some x4 ammunation.

Doing all these gates will get you a free gate now called Kronos GalaxyGate. its a Gate which can be built over time collecting x4 from other GG's and getting your havocs/hercules lf4's and x4. They added Great rewards as well as the saturn design which has a chance. but this ame is all about chance and its your choice to take them.

At the end of all that reading you should have made up an idea for a galaxy gate which has a 100% chance of getting something rather than being annoyed. Sorry but i am annoyed at the fact that you are annoyed this gate is costing too much. There are other ways to open the gate such as palladium and boxing. its a gate which opens through opening other gates so really it costs nothing to open unless you have done all them gates so many times then it would be a pain. but the 100% chance i think would be a bad gate it can be uber expensive but the chances are that people will do that gate one time and then finish with it. if the chances were lower then players would want to do it again to try for another chance to get what they want. There must be chance or theres no challenge if theres no challenge then there is no fun. no fun means looking for something fun which means different game. It is a way for bp to make money at the end of the day and they have their way of doing it. theres my thought on you 'chances'
facts are facts, opinions are opinions its a Game not reality don't take it too seriously.

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Old 13.08.2012, 20:03   #4
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Yeah it would suck is it was 100% chance then you would see alot of invaders with 20% more hp and a bad ass disighn, and bulding all those gates seams like fun and BP did it that way they made the construction of the gate that way because if another gate was aded and you would have to build it with normal spins that would suck so in my opinion its great just like that.
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Old 13.08.2012, 20:19   #5
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1) this gate will probably take me close to a year to even get

2) I agree completly

3) It's gonna be a pain to biuld, so give it 100% chance for ship

Would like to add, 20% hp won't help much, I'll get 60k more hp off of it, while in bastion I can get alot more in shields.

Finaly FE!!! as of 3.14.11 7am

It's so simple!!! Yet so genius... It's the solution to Dark oribt's promlems!

Stop The Updates!!

Free Player.. Deal With it
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Old 13.08.2012, 21:59   #6
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im just looking at the big picture im not gonna rush out and spend like 400 quid on mhh to build all the gates but instead plod on and do gates as normal,and as said above it then becomes a free gate
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Old 13.08.2012, 22:24   #7
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I don't do Alpha, Beta or Gamma, ever. I've only ever done 1 zeta. I've done 2 epsilons across 2 accounts. I slam Kappas and Zetas, I love lambda, that's about it. I'm never opening Kronos, wanna know why??

I saw a 'leaked info' thread, taken from the german forums... I prefer the Solace to the design, but also, it looks like a bloody goldfish:

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Old 14.08.2012, 16:13   #8
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I saw a Saturn Goli raiding in 1-2 yesterday... freaking blew the life off the entire map. No, if anything Saturn needs to be even harder to get.
Incredible, it seems like the Dragon Cave forum signatures are spreading! EUREKA!
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Old 15.08.2012, 01:10   #9
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BigPoint is just very, very disappointing they used to be Care-ful, now they're, well I don't know how else to say this, but stupid, greedy, and disloyal. Ever since whitelazer passed and "SKILL DESIGNS" Most of all got they're super attention.

Blame the damn skill design that started wallet warriors.

Sorry I didn't mean it I just needed to let it out...
Uridium Savings Account

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Old 16.08.2012, 00:15   #10
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We know that u want to make money. Darkorbit. but make it like 50% or something i completely agree
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