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Default New Client Bible!

All about the new client, all the FAQs are answered here.
Pictures are here to help it easier to understand.

Ammo and CPU's Bar FAQ

Hot Key FAQ

Hexagon Boxes - Left side of Screen

Hexagon FIXED Boxes - Right Side of Screen


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Default Ammo and CPU Bar FAQ

The Ammo and CPU Bar

The Ammo and CPU Bar shows all of the available ammo types for you to use, organized into various subcategories; each one is explained below:


The Lasers menu shows all of the laser types available for use in DarkOrbit. It will show how many of each type that you have for use, and you can switch between the different laser types by clicking on them in this menu.
Lasers that have no ammunition will show as an empty bar; laser types which have at least 1,000 rounds will have a full blue bar - you can see the numeric values for ammo by hovering the mouse cursor over the ammo type. To fire the ammo type you can click the ammo, and then click the fire icon which appears underneath it. You can also select a target, and press the Ctrl key on the keyboard; this will fire the currently selected laser type.

Items available in this menu:
  • LCB-10 - (x1 damage)
  • MCB-25 - (x2 damage)
  • MCB-50 - (x3 damage - referred to as 'greens')
  • UCB-100 - (x4 damage - referred to as 'whites')
  • SAB-50 - (x2 damage. All damage absorbed as shieldpower)
  • CBO-100 - (x3 damage. 1/6 damage absorbed as shieldpower)
  • RSB-75 - (x6 damage. Has a 3 second cooldown between uses)

The Rockets menu shows all of the rocket types available for use in DarkOrbit. It will show how many of each type that you have for use, and you can switch between the different rocket types by clicking on them in this menu. You can also select a target, and press the Spacebar key on the keyboard; this will fire the currently selected rocket type.
Rockets that have no ammunition will show as an empty bar; rocket types which have at least 1,000 rounds will have a full blue bar - you can see the numeric values for ammo by hovering the mouse cursor over the rocket type.
You can also manually load your Hellstorm Rocket launcher using this menu. To do this, you will need to scroll to the right by using the arrow button. Select the Hellstorm Missile type you wish to use, and this will begin loading the launcher. Once all of the slots are filled, you can click the Rockets icon (which moves along the bottom of the menu) to fire the Hellstorm launcher.

Items available in this menu:
  • R-310
  • PLT-2026
  • PLT-2021
  • PLT-3030
  • BDR-1211 - (Limited edition DO "Birthday" rockets)
  • PLD-8 - (Temporarily disables enemy weapon systems)
  • DCR-250 - (Temporarily reduces enemy speed)
  • WIZ-X - (Randomly morphs the target's appearance)
  • Hellstorm Launcher - (Multi-warhead missile system)
  • HSTRM-01
  • UBR-100
  • ECO-10
  • SAR-01 - (Shield absorbing rockets. Hellstorm only)
  • SAR-02 - (Shield absorbing rockets. Hellstorm only)
Special Ammo

The Special Ammo menu contains all of the non-regular ammo types, and how many of each you have to use. For items like the Insta-Shield and SmartBomb, you will need to have the appropriate CPU equipped in the 'Extras' section of your ship. Hovering the mouse cursor over each icon will display what the icon represents.

Items available in this menu are:
  • ACM-01 - (Proximity Mine)
  • EMPM-01 - (Anti-Cloaking Mine)
  • SABM-01 - (Anti-Shield mine)
  • DDM-01 - (Direct Damage Mine)
  • SMB-01 - (SmartBomb Creator)
  • ISH-01 - (Insta-Shield. Temporary invulnerability)
  • EMP-01 - (EMP Burst. Temporarily disables enemy lock/cloaking)
  • FWX-S - (Small Fireworks)
  • FWX-M - (Medium Fireworks)
  • FWX-L - (Large Fireworks)
  • Light Fireworks - (Used to ignite fireworks deployed)

The CPUs menu will show which CPUs that you have available for use on the space map. You can also activate and deactivate them here by simply clicking on them (activated CPUs will be highlighted). Hovering the mouse cursor over each icon will display what the icon represents. Some CPUs need to be switched on to function; some will function automatically once equipped.

Items that can be shown in this menu are:
  • AROL-X - (Auto-fires rockets when attacking)
  • CLO4K - (Cloaking device)
  • CLO4K-XL - (Cloaking device)
  • JP-01 - (Jump Chip. Warp ship to different maps)
  • JP-02 - (Jump Chip. Warp ship to different maps)
  • AJP-01 - (Advanced Jump Chip. Warp ship to selectable maps)
  • AIM-01 - (Targeting CPU)
  • AIM-02 - (Targeting CPU)
  • Repair Bot - (various models)
  • Ammo CPU - (Auto-buys ammunition when low)
  • RL-LB1 - (Auto-fires/loads Hellstorm launcher when attacking)
  • Rocket CPU - (Auto-buys ammunition when low)
  • HM-7 - (Trade drone. Sells resources when away from base)
Buy Now

In this menu, you can purchase laser ammunition and rockets directly from the space map. The laser ammo will be added immediately, and the Credits/Uridium deducted; this can prove useful in battle, rather than purchasing from the SHOP. You can scroll through more ammo types by using the arrow keys on either side of the menu. Hovering the mouse cursor over each icon will display what the icon represents.

Tech Items

The Tech Items menu displays all of the available Techs. The number of uses available for each Tech item will displayed on top of the icon; Techs which have not been built (or are out of charges) will be grayed out. If a Tech is cooling down, a gray countdown will be displayed over the Tech icon for that item. You can produce Tech items in the Tech Center located on the SKYLAB page. Hovering the mouse cursor over each icon will display what the icon represents.

Available Techs:
  • Energy Leech - (Drains HP with attacks)
  • Chain Destroyer - (Affects multiple opponents with a single attack)
  • Precision Targeter - (Increases rocket accuracy)
  • Backup Shields - (Instantly restores shieldpower)
  • Battle Repair Bot - (Restores HP)
Special Capability

This menu will display the unique skill ability of your ship, if you are piloting a ship design which has one. If your ship does not possess a skill, this menu will not function; you will only be able to see the unique skill for your current design. The complete list of skills is shown below:
  • F-00-ZE: Zero 00
  • F-01-TU: Turtle Formation
  • F-02-AR: Arrow Formation
  • F-04-ST: Star Formation
  • F-06-DA: Double Arrow Formation
  • F-07-DI: Diamond Formation
  • F-08-CH: Chevron Formation
  • F-09-MO: Moth Formation
  • F-10-CR: Crab Formation
Drone Formation

This menu will display the Drone Formation that are available to your ship, The complete list of Formations is shown below:
  • Solace: Nano-cluster repair
  • Diminisher: Shield Leech
  • Spectrum: Prismatic Shielding
  • Sentinel: Fortress Shielding
  • Venom: Singularity
Shortcut Bar

The Shortcut Bar can be used to assign the number keys to a particular ammo type or skill. It can also be used as a quick way to select them with the mouse. To unlock the shortcut bar, click on the small padlock icon attached to the left-hand side. This will activate the red grid-screen, which will allow you to click and drag an item you wish to use into the shortcut bar, by dropping it over the number you wish to assign it to. This is demonstrated in the Shortcut Bar Video.

Remember to deactivate the grid-screen, by clicking the padlock icon again, once you have finished assigning items.

Thank you to Sephiroth for your efforts on this thread.

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Default HOT Key FAQ

Hot Keys

We have included some built in "hot keys" for use, to make certain functions more accessible to users. The list below shows the current hot keys:
  • Control (Ctrl) - Fire selected laser type
  • Spacebar - Fire selected missile type
  • 0-9 - Allocated shortcuts via the Shortcut Bar
  • H - Hide/Show all windows
  • F - Show/Hide FPS counter
  • L - Log Out
  • J - Jump Portal
  • C - Change configuration
  • E - Activate or Deactivate your P.E.T.
  • R - Set P.E.T. to Guard mode

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Default Hexagon Boxes - Left side of screen

The Boxes

The hexagon icons each represent a different interface and contain different information. You can open and collapse them by clicking the icon for each interface:


1 – Ship Hitpoints
2 - Naonhull
3 – Ship Shieldpower
4 – Current configuration
5 – Ship Cargo
6 – Laser ammo count
7 – Rocket count

Clicking each display (#1-7) will toggle between a number value and a color bar representing the category. You can switch between them at any point. Clicking the configuration display (#4) will toggle between your ship's two configurations - there is a 5 second cooldown before you will be able to change configuration again.
Hovering the mouse cursor over each icon will display what it represents.


The User window shows some of the key figures about your account:
  • Experience
  • Level
  • Honor
  • Jump credits
  • Credits
  • Uridium
  • Jackpot Money
  • Booty Keys
Hovering the mouse cursor over each icon will display what it represents.


The Log shows recent activity on the space map; what you collect, who you are attacking, etc... You can alter the size of this window by clicking and dragging the pentagon in the bottom right corner. The scroll bar makes it easier to scroll through previous log entries.


The main area of the Quests window will show the details of the currently selected quest (1), and what conditions the quest has. When a quest condition is met, the condition will be grayed out so that you can easily see the next condition. This window will automatically change size to readily display the quest conditions visible.
At the top right of the Quests window are small circles, where you can switch between your currently accepted quests by clicking them; the active quest will be shown as a full circle, and the remaining quests will be shown as an empty circle (2).

The Rewards tab, this gives you the opportunity to see the end reward for the active quest you have currently running.
You can accept a maximum of three quests at any one time.


If you are not in an Outfit, you will get the basic screen displayed above. If you wish to invite a player to outfit, you can type their name in the text box, or you can automatically add their name to the invite box by clicking on their ship in the space map (1). To send the invite, click on the letter icon (2), and they will receive a message on their screen, and an invitation in their own Outfit menu. You can also block all Outfit invitations by clicking on the icon with the people (3).

When you invite someone, you are able to cancel the invite to them by click the X next to their name.

When you are in an Outfit you will see a new window. This contains the following information:
  • Members of your Outfit
  • Status - Ship Type, HP & Shield bars (mouse over show you their current HP/Shields as a numerical display)
  • Leave Outfit
  • Change Invite Settings Outfit leader only.
  • Ping - You can "ping" your location for other Outfit members, or you can "ping" a place on the mini map to show a destination.
  • Follow - You can select to follow an outfit member automatically.
  • Nominate Leader - You can nominate another member as the Outfit leader. Outfit leader only.
  • Remove member - You can select a member and remove them from the outfit. Outfit leader only.
  • Invite -In the center, you can invite more users into the Outfit. Outfit leader only, unless the setting is changed using .
The Outfit leader will be indicated by the "crown" symbol next to their Ship status. Other members will not have all options available in this interface.


You can use Chat to communicate with other players, and there are a few different Chat channels which you can choose between. You can navigate through the different channels at the top of the chat box by clicking on the individual tabs for each channel.

Our Chat system also has a variety of different commands that you can use; to get a listing, type /help into the chat box. As a quick guide, the chat commands are also listed below (do not include the <> marks):
  • /create ‹roomname› - Create a private room
  • /close - Close the room
  • /leave - Leave the room
  • /invite ‹user› - Invite a user into your current room
  • /w ‹user› - Whisper something to a user
  • /ignore ‹user› - Ignore a user
  • /allow ‹user› - Allow ignored users to chat again
  • /users - Displays a list of all users currently in that room
You can also re-size the Chat window by dragging the pentagon in the bottom right corner.


The Mini-map shows a smaller overview of the entire map. It will show the position of any portals/gates, and certain zones on the space map; you can also use the Mini-map to navigate by clicking on your destination. The Mini-map will also display friends and enemies that are close to you on the Space Map:
  • NPCs, enemy ships, and enemy P.E.T.s are red dots.
  • Members of your own clan, and clans that you have an 'Alliance' with, are shown as green dots.
  • Members of a clan that you have a Non Aggression Pact with (NAP) are shown as yellow dots.
  • Players in your own company are shown as blue dots.
  • Your P.E.T. shows as a blue triangle.
Some of these are only available if you have the Radar CPU equipped, or you are a Premium player.

Star System

The Star System window shows the layout of the space maps, and the positions of portals between each different sector. There are two versions of this: one for the lower level maps ("lowers") and one for the higher level maps ("uppers"). Each map has a specific sector number assigned to it; for instance, 4-1.
You will see quests refer to maps in the form of X-1 or 4-X. The "X" represents company type when it is the first number, and map number when it is the second number:
- For company types, "X" equals 1 for MMO, 2 for EIC, and 3 for VRU.
- For map numbers, "X" can be any number from 1-8, and includes all maps in that map-type.

Different maps also have different Level limits to access them, so you may not be able to access a certain map until you reach that Level.

Advanced Jump CPU Interface

The Advanced Jump CPU must be purchased before it can be used, however its interface is on the Star System screen.
With this CPU you can 'jump' to any map in the known universe, provided that your level is high enough to access the map.
You cannot jump to the enemy X-1 maps regardless of your level.

Each jump costs a small amount of Uridium to complete; new technology comes with a price. To set the destination, simply click on the target map. It will then display the information at the bottom of the Star map for you, along with the cost for the jump. To initiate the jump, click the "JUMP NOW" button. The jump will take 10 seconds to prepare; after the countdown expires, you will immediately jump to a random position in the destination map.

To switch between the 'lower' and 'upper' star systems, click the link at the top left of the window.

Some small facts:
  • The current map you are in is highlighted and shown by the white target symbol.
  • The destination map is highlighted and shown by the yellow portal symbol.
  • A map which is locked due to level restrictions is grayed out with a padlock, and an XP symbol.
  • A map which is locked due to Uridium shortage is grayed out with a padlock, and an Elite symbol.
  • An enemy X-1 map is shown by a red cross.
  • A jump cannot be initiated if you are being attacked (the usual 20 second cooldown applies).
  • You cannot jump in to special maps – Galaxy Gates, TDM maps, Jackpot maps, etc...
The cost of a jump is dependent on the destination map, and how far away from it you are.


The Boosters window shows you which Boosters you currently have active on your account. Each booster has it's own icon, and it will also tell you what percentage bonus that the booster is giving you. This can change depending on any shared boosters which may be affecting you. You can alternate the graphical representation between numbers/bars by clicking on the display, similar to the Ship window.

Clan Viewer

The Online List of your Clan Members
You can now see who's online or offline at just a glance.
At the Top you will see your Clan Name.

Next is the members line the first number is the number of members online and the second is the clan membership.

Then you will see you member in a list.
RED - shows Offline
Green - shows Online


Simple click the "play" button to active your P.E.T, if you wanting to hide it press the square button that appears after it.

More information on P.E.T can be found in the P.E.T Faq.

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Default FIXED Boxes - Right Side of Screen

Fixed Buttons

There is a cluster of icons in the top right of the space map which cannot be moved. These have been arranged around the Dark Orbit logo so as not to interfere with your view of space.

Log Out

Log Out is exactly what it says it is; it logs you out of the Space Map. If you do not log out, the ship will remain active on the Space Map for 15 minutes. Be sure to log out each time you wish to leave the Space Map.

You will not be able to log out whilst you are being attacked, or are in Galaxy Gates, Jackpot Battle, etc. You can cancel the log out process at any time by clicking the 'CANCEL' button, or the Power button at the top left of the window.


The Help button will direct you here; there are also various tool tips given on screen for you.


Clicking this will bring up the Settings menu, which has several options for you to look through, and activate or deactivate based on personal preference. Click "Save" to save all the changes you make; click "Cancel" to close the settings box. If you click Reset, it will ignore any changes made, and will revert the Space Map settings to default. It will also reset the resolution of the Space Map to the recommended one for your screen (this includes returning all ingame windows/menus to their default position).

At the top of the settings window are 4 tabs, each for different game areas that can be adjusted. The first is the Display settings.

The resolution of the Space Map screen can be changed in the drop-down menu; select the one you wish, and click save. You must wait for 10 seconds, then you can log out of the Space Map and then launch it again. The resolution of the Space Map can only be changed within the dimensions of your screen/desktop resolution.
Underneath this, you can choose to "preload" the ships. This means that when you load the Space Map, the more complex designs are cached; if it is not selected then it will load the simplified ships first, and then render the more complex designs after one or two seconds.
You can also change the quality of the graphics based on certain presets using the horizontal slider. If you have a low FPS, you can reduce the settings to increase performance. If you do not wish to use the preset settings, but customize them yourself, click on the Advanced mode button.

Specialised options will appear when this button is clicked, and all of them are selectable via the drop-down menus. You can choose the quality of settings for the individual features based on your preference. You can choose between high and low for all settings; some settings may have more options.

The second tab is the gameplay settings. These settings control how some of the different functions in the game work:

  • Automatic weapons upgrade by activating lab CPU – If you have a lab CPU you can activate or deactivate the automatic upgrading of the CPU with this function.
  • Change ammo/rocket type automatically – when you run out of one type of ammunition, it will automatically switch to the next best ammo type with this activated.
  • Auto-refine raw materials - if you are a premium user then you can activate or deactivate the auto refinement process with this.
  • Start and stop attacks using the shortcut bar – if you select an ammo type on the shortcut bar then click an opponent, it will automatically attack them with this function activated
  • Log into client automatically – with this activated, when you sign into your account the space map will automatically load up as well.
  • Double click to launch attack – having this option activated will mean that if you double click on an opponent then it will automatically attack them.
The Interface Settings control what is and is not shown on the UI for you, you can change many settings so that you only see what you wish to see:

  • Resolution – you can change the resolution of the space map with this, when you change it you must wait 5 seconds, log off from the space map, and then back in for the new resolution to take effect.
  • Show player names – you can activate and deactivate the player names on the space map.
  • Show resources – you can choose to see the resources on the map or not
  • Show bonus boxes – you can choose to see the bonus boxes or not
  • Show increasing hit count – you can choose to show the damage values or not
  • Show drones – you can choose to see the full visuals for drones, or just a "dot" representation of them under your name.
  • Show cargo boxes – you can choose to see cargo boxes or not.
  • Show cargo boxes which are not free – this makes cargo boxes that do not belong to you visible or not, deactivation of this is good to avoid accidental cargo theft.
  • Display game performance messages - If your FPS drops below 14, then you will get a message asking you to change your performance settings, if you wish to turn this message off you can do so by deselecting this option.
  • Always allow drag-able windows – you can choose to make the boxes drag-able or have them fixed.
  • Show background – you can choose to make the background of the boxes on the space map see-through or not
The last of the settings tabs is the sound settings:

  • Play music - you can choose to have the background music on or off.
  • Play sound effects - you can choose to have the sound effects on or off
Trade Raw Materials

This function will be available to you on the home bases (or everywhere if you have the trade drone). Clicking it will bring up the trade raw materials page.

At the top of the pop bar (As seen above) it shows Name of each type of raw material/Ore that you can sell, Just Below the name is a Picture of the Ore. The number of each that you have to trade is below the picture, and the current value is below that and above the Sell tab..

You can use the arrows to select how much you wish to sell, or you can enter the value in the text field by typing it. You can then click sell to sell that particular raw material.

Palladium can also be exchanged for Galaxy Gate materializer spins here, simply type in the amount you wish to exchange and click exchange.
**This can only be done at the Pirate base in 5-2 and not at normal base stations.

Shop - Takes you back to the Shop located in your Hanger and Equipment area.

Uridium -Takes you to your home page for purchase of the Uridium with actual currency.


When at a jump portal you can use this button, or press the J key, to jump through the portal. Some jumps will be restricted due to your level, if so you will get a message telling you that your level is not high enough.


Clicking this button will open up the refine and upgrade screen. The Refining screen shows the current resources in the cargo hold, and how they can be refined into the higher level minerals:

Prometium, Endurium and Terbium can be collected in space.

One unit of prometid uses 20 prometium and 10 endurium during creation.
It gives a 15% increase to firepower when allocated to laser or rockets.

One unit of Duranium uses 10 endurium and 20 terbium during creation. It gives a 10% performance increase when allocated to engines or shields.

One unit of Promerium uses 10 prometid, 10 duranium and 1 Xenomit during creation. It gives a 30% increase to firepower, and a 20% performance increase to generators.

This information can be seen by hovering the mouse cursor over the appropriate mineral.

The second tab is the Upgrade screen where you can upgrade ammunition and generators to increase firepower or performance.

At the top of this pop up it shows the current lower level minerals you have.

The main part to focus on here is the lower part. You can drag and drop the desired resources onto the desired areas.

Lasers – Prometid, Promerium and Seprom
RocketsPrometid, Promerium and Seprom
GeneratorsDuranium and Promerium
ShieldsDuranium, Promerium and Seprom

Once you drag the resource to the appropriate place, a pop up will appear asking you to select how much you wish to allocate to that area. You can select the amount from the drop down menu, and then click upgrade to allocate them.

At the very bottom of the pop up you can see that the number or rounds upgraded, or time remaining is shown, make sure you don't run out!

Fast Repair

This option will only be available after you have been destroyed, it will instantly repair your ship back to full hit points.
This uses 10 repair Credits!
The number slightly above the spanner shows how many Fast Repairs you have left.

Ship Warp

Switch ships no matter where you are thanks to the brand new warp technology
  • Click the ship warp symbol in the upper right corner of the map
  • Select the new ship and commence warping
  • The ships will be swapped out immediately and you can continue on immediately
Attention: The warp will be aborted if you come under attack!

Need more speed or stronger weapons? Simply select a ship from your hangar and it will be teleported to you immediately. Your old ship will be sent back to the hangar.

Warps function with jump credits, so make sure you have plenty on hand. If you do not have enough jump credits, you may also use Uridium.

Full screen

This Icon gives you the option to play the game in fullscreen mode or turn it off and play in standard mode.

Company Hierarchy

Here is were you see where the clans are ranked in the Hierarchy.

Q: Whats company hierarchy?
A: The company hierarchy shows how clans are doing in CBS fighting. Every company has got its own tab in the game client. The first nine places will be shown and right at the bottom you will find the placement of your own clan

Thank you to Sephiroth for his input on this thread

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Default Controls FAQ


The controls for Dark Orbit are very simple; you can use a mouse, keyboard or a combination of both.


Your spaceship is located in the center of the map. You can simply click on the map to navigate around space; your ship will travel to wherever you clicked on the map.

For continuous
travel in this manner: keep the left mouse button held down, and the ship will follow the cursor.

You can also use the mini-map to navigate, if you click a destination on the mini map your ship will fly towards it unless the destination is changed, or you click on the space map.

Your destination and travel path is shown by the blue line on the space map. Your current location is shown "in the cross hairs".


To attack an enemy you can click on them and click the laser or missile button. You can also double click an enemy if that option is selected in the settings menu.

There are also keyboard shortcuts for laser and missile attacks; control (Ctrl) for laser and spacebar for missile.
You can also use the shortcut bar to attack with different types of ammo; that is described later on for you.

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