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Old 05.10.2011, 18:33   #1
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Frage Restriction of Attacks by big players on little players

Could a restriction be put on attacks, such that you couldn't attack someone if you were more than a certain multiple of their size. I don't know whether this would be better as 1.1, 2, 10 or something else.

Recapture of a captured castle within a certain period (e.g. 7 or 10 days) would be allowed.

I know this would change the game a lot but would allow small players to grow without the fear of the big boys.

Support of an ally under attack could still be sent of course.

What do you think?
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Old 07.10.2011, 18:21   #2
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Default i like what you said crisp

You rite, big bully Dilligaf player with 300x castle and 25x points and 500.000.000 soldat attaks many lesser players many times ago. He clean they from all game. He use macro for big help. Not fair is this bully. You rite this shuld be change.
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Old 07.10.2011, 20:20   #3
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Blah blah blah dilligaf iz ebil blah blah

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Old 25.10.2011, 22:36   #4
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im not in that server but i have gotten all my castles stolen from me by some 100 times my size. i also have been playing another game like this where you have that protection (and in 3 days a battle between severs cant wait) as i was saying the protection would make the smaller players stay get bigger and not quit because they already put to much time in the game.
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Old 09.07.2012, 08:56   #5
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The small players get protected by their alliance mates.
That is usually how they get left alone long enough to become a bigger player.
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Old 16.07.2012, 04:31   #6
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Haha that would be cool, I am surrounded by players with millions of points, would suck if i got farmed just as I get out of newbie protect!
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