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Default Time zone for damoria

I think there should be a damoria standard time so players from around the world can say EX: Somone in canada: meet me at 12:00 damoria standard time :to someone in china. Not EX: Meet me at 12:00, (other player) But I don't know that for my time zone, etc with a damoria standard time it would be easy for alliances with players in canada, europe, australia to have a meeting at one time instead of them all trying to figure out when to go on. Also bigpoint could say an event was happening say 1:00 damoria time instead of 12:00 GMT and then everyone will need to guess what the time zone difference is. I hope bigpoints considers this. Aidanstewy out!
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When there is a event I don´t have a problem finding out what local time is, you can always use sites like

Allys can also say "we attack in 2 days 12 hours" or somthing.

Yours kbn_dk
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