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Default Attack Warning Filter

I am starting this thread in response to a suggestion made in another thread. The suggestion was that players should be able to filter out attack warnings for attacks from a given player.

The purpose would be to counter the annoying 1% speed attacks, which are sent just to cause a continual orange attack warning to be displayed. In addition to trying to unsettle the other player, the idea is to make the attack warnings useless by getting the other player to simply ignore them.

I would instead suggest that players be able to set a time filter, so that only attacks arriving within the next X days are shown. Attacks arriving in 2 years would not generate warnings.

Anyone attempting to send spam attacks would thus have to send many more, with different arrival times, in order to keep the attack warning displayed. Such a filter would make it considerably more time-consuming and expensive for the person sending the spam attacks, not eliminate them.

One could institute both filters, but that might backfire. A player might send spam attacks precisely to get the opponent to filter them, then send a real attack. So I am in favor of only instituting the time filter.

If the problem were not remedied by this change, another way to deal with it would be to make a minimum resource cost for sending the attackers. Right now, the cost of an attack is proportional to the number of troops sent, and inversely proportional to the speed. Slower moving troops require less resources. Actually, that doesn't make sense, because a longer trip should require more supplies, not less.

Be that as it may, if there were a minimum cost, for example what it now costs to send 1000 troops, even if you only send 1, then players could still afford to send a few dozen feints, but anyone attempting to send thousands of 1-troop attacks would have to pay a lot of resources. That would not stop a long-time player, who would have the resources, but it would stop the case in question, which is an obvious multi-account, started by some players, from which to send out spam attacks.

I have already passed an explanation of the problem to BP, along with my suggestion, but of course there is no guarantee of if or when anything will be done about the problem, and therefore plenty of time for alternative suggestions and comments.
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Well, yes please. At least do it so that it doesn't consume computer resources.
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How does one tell which of their cities is under attack?
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Click the Orange Attack Icon, that will give you details of the attack.
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