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I think ranting about this topic is appropriate Off course not towards voluntary help who wishes us and the game all the best, but I have yet not seen them being held responsible in any way.

Even in my most mad and sarcastic moments I have not been name dropping cheaters - most of the times even with argumentation and feedback on solutions. And since I learned English back in school I can not swear
But it was indeed a waste of time writing since all got deleted...

I will repeat my self:

- Give all attack protection untill the problem is solved or close the server for a period... This way no one loosing their troops unfairly and there's a hope that the honest players will stay in the game.

- Do not let players who cheated deliberately to kill of others back in the game time after time.

- Delete banned accounts so the side castles do not get taken and the mains continue as farms so the cheating does not provide gains for alliance members or the same players "new account with mystery troops".

- Answer the costumers, ensure us that something is beeing done and this is taken seriously, on forum and though the ticket system.

- Reimburse the costumers.

- Make sure that the custumers are treated with the same (note not lack of) service though out the different contries... (as a side note.. Thx to Danish support who always answers quickly and polite and communicates).


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Originally Posted by jonoo11 View Post
I have sent support request and got no answer.....
So much for the efficient germans . This bunch of jokers couldn’t fix a flat tyre. Google Bigpoint problems and you will see that Damoria is not the only game that is upsetting players because they cant fix the problems…
If you understand German, read through the German forum... Players with more than 2 billion points - premium users, no bug users! - are leaving the game because of these problems. This game had potential, but since BigPoint bought it, they focused only on upgrades and features at additional charges. In recent time, the number of updates and bug-fixes have decreased dramatically. Where are the software engineers HOTZENPLOTZ and DUDE? They are gone!
BigPoint has to earn money, Ok. But they are constantly reducing the service. It is a kind of squeeze out policy: Take as much as you can get and throw the rest away.
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A ban will not help unless it's lifetime, the cheating players can just come back after their ban and rebuild quickly. The only REAL solution here is for BigPoint to get rid of the troop bug so we can move on and play this game again. At this point I think I speak for everyone that we have lost confidence in the integrity of this game.
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Originally Posted by .~Bellerophon~. View Post
Players with more than 2 billion points - premium users, no bug users! - are leaving the game because of these problems.
That’s the point.... BP should be running this like a business. And allowing Good players of that size (and let’s face it once you get into the half billion points range you need to spend money to keep playing or building things can take months and years) to leave borders on madness.

I know once all my troops are gone I will be leaving as I will not spend one more penny with this company as all my subs have all ready been taken. Maybe some of the players that took them did not use bug troops. But some of them started off with them making defence impossible and making it easy for the rest of the cheating alliance to come in and clean up. [/font]

Originally Posted by .~Bellerophon~. View Post
BigPoint has to earn money
My advise to all players is to not deposit any money into this game for now...
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@.~Bellerophon~.:i read the german forum,but didnt see complains.maybe they have removed the topic just like here!

@Horns:Indeed they come back,just today came back in GE 2 players that were banned for the exploit and support didnt touch their troops,they have more now then before they got banned!Those 2 players are cheating in every server,one of them is armut.

@jonoo1:we are in the same alliance,we are on the same boat.we will sink together,at least with pride and honor!tired of this madness in this game.the main purpose of a game is to entertain and to pass the time and not the opposite of whats happening in here!

@$wordMaster:i hope you will not remove this topic so new players see whats happening in here,so they dont spend money,now that they have opened registrations in GE.Not spending money its the best advise!
About the maintenance that will happen next week...everybody is getting some millions of troops extra just in case that the problem will be fixed,because strangely in these days even 6 milion players have like 1 milion of each troop!If BP knows this new cheat,then why do they deny it in email!!!!this kind of players just make more archers,cavalry and catas.i have seen some have more heavy cavalry then light infantry,this is really sick and i with many others just complain to support and we get back the answer:its not possible,he has not bug troops!!
How can BP not see that...They just see bug troops when someone has more then 100 milion of each troop,if they have 30 milion of each troop,that doesnt count as bug troop!!!

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Just make sure to stay on topic, and don't say anything that would warrant getting deleted, and you won't here any complaints from me
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Originally Posted by $wordMaster View Post
Just make sure to stay on topic, and don't say anything that would warrant getting deleted, and you won't here any complaints from me
if i have to correct something just tell me so i do it
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