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Default UFO boxes and triad and kill loot what it should be for

well what i am trying to get is that the triad and those dang mystery boxes and kill loot should all be tied to the ship you are flying. and not to ships or class of ships you dont fly. cause i am getting really tired of getting all this purdy color ammo for strikes and escorts all the dam time !!!

i got so much ammo even if big point did fix the game so i wouldnt have that 2 second dealy in controls on the strike, i wouldnt have to buy any ammo for some time, lol or even red tip missils for like a yr if not more. and escorts lol i got all most as much of the same for it as i do the strike.

i am stuck and so i am a fully dedicated line pilot that can only buy tyium only ammo. since i get every junk of gold saved up to buy tuning kits so i can upgrade a weapon/engine/comp 1 at a time, which takes months of saving to do it.

if i could trade that ammo in for line ammo and be a even trade or what ever the difference would be. i would do it. so i guess i have 2 suggestions here.

1st, be able to have what ever kill loot/triad prize/ufo box be tied to what class of ship you are flying when you got it.

2nd, be able to swap such item for what ever item you use in ammo type be it bullets or missiles.

anyone out here think of this and wish it to was all ready in the game? beside a working mail system, hint hinrt hint hint hint.......

lvl 146 fully dedicated line pilot, since 2 second delay in controls on a super fast strike is pure death. thank big point for killing the game and making it a uber super god mode strike game even though there is 2 other classes of ships you fraked over for the whinning strike pilots !!
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