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Default Battlestar Galactica Online – Farming Update

Howdy partner,

Are you tired of farming just asteroids and planetoids? Would you like to get better resources than Tylium, Titanium and Water? Do you enjoy stepping back from the fighting and stay outside in nice weather with a little bit of harvesting?

Well, then this may be something for you!

With our next update we’re introducing “Farmalactica” – a combination of Bigpoint’s successful game “Farmerama” and your favorite “Battlestar Galactica Online”!

Dock your fighter to the ‘Botanical Cruiser’ (Colonial) or ‘The Farm’ (Cylon), create your own farm and cultivate your acres with valuable growing seeds you’ve collected from freighters all across our sectors, which are being protected by the strongest Battleships known.

Wait for the seasons to change and see your crops grow. Harvest in autumn and collect new resources such as:
- Coffee Beans – helping you stay awake (Buff: +2% Damage / -2% Accuracy),
- Red Beans – unfortunately leads to flatulence (Buff: +2% Boost, bad odor makes joining squadrons impossible)
- Golden Wheat – turns into Cubits.

Is your crop endangered by bugs? Isn’t there enough rain and you’re losing time? No problem – boost your farm with things like:
- The “Rain-Maker” – missile battery adjusted with Cylon technology to shoot multiple raining clouds instead of missiles into the air,
- “Spray-my-way” – Colonial invention of an anti-bug-spray, successfully tested on Cylon bugs

So ready your pick, put on your straw hat and be prepared for the new farming experience in BSGO!

Here is a link to the discussion thread for this: Link

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Hi Pilots,

Did you have a good April 1st?

Well, we didn’t have any doubt that it’s hard to trick the keen BSGO community, therefore it was no surprise for us that most of you guessed right –

The “Farmalactica Update” has been our April Fool’s joke 2013!

Although some of you may be disappointed now because we’re not going to implement a “Farmerama” feature into BSGO, we hope you all enjoyed our little joke and please let us know:

How did you like the “Cylon Cow”?

Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team
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