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Default Support is no help

I had this problem:

When I try to login from the page:
I can't input my password which is 40 characters long (it only accepts around 20 chars I think). This started happening less than a week ago, it was fine before.
I have to f-login with Facebook.

I tried the site:
and there it accepts my 40 letter long password just fine.
Weird, no?
Is there any way to change my password? I can't change it myself through account settings because you have to input your old password and it only has space for 20 characters.

Support wasn't much help, they just told me I can't change it.
So in case they were right, take this thread as a formal complain to fix your account procedures to allow users to change their passwords if they are too long (or just let support change it and send new smaller password by email to user-me).

Now that thread got locked before any discusion got going. Maybe other users could help, but over eager (unreachable, no pm in forums) moderators lock perfectly civil and fine threads.
Support doesn't even know its own stuff. They told me I could only login in with facebook from now on, but I used that second link above and I logged on with my password like before. So support was in error, wasn't it?

The problem is I still can't change it.
How about Support does what it's supposed to and resets my password and sends me a new random one (under 20 chars long of course).
How about people use this thread to add their voice to the problem so that DEVs take notice?
They will not notice one locked thread with 2 posts.
"I'm sure the Devs will see your post and take the feedback on board."
Are you serious BrokenTusk?
I'm pretty sure they will not.
They might notice a big thread of complaints (and maybe a poll or something) and even that is a "might".
Anyway this problem isn't big. It's easily solvable with any decent admin team. (just make the account settings page/interface accept 40 characters in old password box)
If you got similar problem voice it here fellow gamers.

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It is more than likely that you signed up to the game through a affiliate site, hence why your password is so long. Due to the following announcement:

Means that those who signed up through a third party must logon through that affiliate site to be able to access your account.
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I closed the previous thread as this section of the forums is not for feedback or discussions. This section of the forums exists for players to raise new bugs with the game. Then Devs, Mods or Players can attempt to answer, if we cannot you are directed to Support for help.

As you have already been to support for help, and the fact support are the ultimate authority on techincal issues to do with this game, there is nothing more that can be done in this section of the forum. I'm sure if support could simply reset you password they would do so, but as this is not the case it can only be that they cannot help, as they have previously stated.

If you wish to start a discussion and get other players feedback and opinions, you are of course welcome to start a thread in the Feedback section of the forums. All we ask is that your thread offers constructive feedback in a polite and open way. The Devs, especially BP_Lori often reply to feedback in that section and you are much more likely to be heard there, than here regarding this type of issue.

If you are worred about thread size, don't. I have seen BP_Lori reply to threads with 200 replies, and I have seen her reply to threads with 0 replies. What seems to get her attention is a well laid out, polite and constructive suggestion, not a 500 page rant.

I hope this explains things to your satisfaction


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