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Default A word of respect!

To be honest, all the talk about the bad stuff got me thinking!
What about the good stuff in the game?

The amount of choices you got, the very different ships we can get and all the hours we spent playing? Whats all that worth? To me alot, I been with the game a long time I played more hours then I can count. I have to say Big Point did something right... Otherwise would I come back every day for over 2 years!

What I like about this game is the way it looks, the different choices I got and def, the people I gotten to know though the game!

Despite all things, Battlestar Galactica Online is a hell of a good game! Just wanted the Devs to know that!
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Every veteran will agree with you, if you look at the big picture the game looks great.
My favorite part is teamplay and free roam pvp
I hate games where you can pvp only in certain maps and only when your enemy is willing to come.
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I agree that there a lot of good things about this game. however, respect is earned, not given. Not sure respect has been earned yet.
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This one is tough.

Obviously I spend a lot of time in game and on the forums, so, I do like it. As far as I can see, it is a one of a kind.

I do not have any respect for the initial development team. It is clear the short-cutted the bat snot out of the game.

I have some respect for the second development team - they at least tried to make some changes but failed HUGELY (boost=threat and the 8/31 Update from Hell).

This third development team is by far the best of the bunch, which, on its face isn't much of a compliment , but they are putting the first two to shame. Better communication and better updates with great thoughts about future development.

I know the past few updates have not been content-heavy, but it is clear they are trying to undo the shortcuts that kept the game from seeing it's true potential.

In just a short time, the thirds have been working on new ships, freeing up flight controls, killing bugs, they have sped up missiles so that they're a challenge, cleaned up the graphics to make the game look better and move quicker, they are trying to bring some sort of challenge and purpose to the game.

Really, they have accomplished 10x more stuff than the past two combined. BP_Lori has been great at trolling the forums and answering important questions, I just wish she'd start a monthly "in the pipeline" newsletter.
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I think a lot of the people that play this game a lot and have played for a long time will all agree that this is a good game.

BUT I think they will also all agree that there is just as much if not more wrong with the game as there is right.

Part of the reason theres so much complaining on the forums is because the game has so much potential that it frustrates a lot of players to know that this good game with some effort and investment could be a great game.

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Old 15.06.2012, 15:34   #6
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I think the gripes arise because the game is good, and a gnat's hair from being great. Most free to play online games are absolute dogs, and I'd truly rather pull out my old amiga or nintendo than play them, so when you see one that has as much potential as this gem not getting the improvements it needs, it annoys.
Battlestar Galactica is a big title, and as such the expectations are higher. You look at the time and effort that goes into other big name free to play titles, like DDO say, and you can see just how far this type of game can go. I'd love to see those kind of production values here. As it is, much as I love this game, it does have that 'set it up and move on to the next game' feel that plagues most if not all BP titles.
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Old 15.06.2012, 16:16   #7
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Originally Posted by FreddyFeldercarb View Post
Really, they have accomplished 10x more stuff than the past two combined. BP_Lori has been great at trolling the forums and answering important questions, I just wish she'd start a monthly "in the pipeline" newsletter.
First off Freddy. Love your forum avatar. Ghost in the Shell is my favorite anime.

Designers generally aren't the ones to handle newsletters. That is usually in the area of the producers, and keeping them going on a regular basis can be time consuming (particularly for a small team). However, I will investigate the possibility of fitting this in to my schedule (and getting the go ahead to do it).
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Battlestar Galactica Online
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BP lori has a good % of my respect thus far along with the ones she leads. ill just leave it at that.
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