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Default Game Update 02.22.2012

Hi everyone,

The newest game update that will be pushed to the live servers shortly. The changelog for the live servers essentially contains the changes that were pushed to Kobol a few weeks ago. Here's the list below:

• Carrier ships (Brimir/Surtur) are now available to both factions at their reclaimed bases.
• Tooltips have been updated for better overall readability
• Ship UI has been modified to make it clear what slots can be used for item types
• Level-of-Detail (LoDs) improved for reduced download size and faster loading into sectors
• Character generation scene improved
o Download size reduced
o Scene art improved
o Lighting improved to show character better
o Selection options improved for clarity
• Tutorial missions have been revised
• Additional tutorial missions have been implemented
• Experimental items removed
• Tech Analysis Kits now available from item vendors
o Used for scanning Unidentified Objects that contain random items
• Jump invulnerability increased to 10s
• Changed Carrier’s Repair & Recharge modifier per second to max/10 from max/12
• Reduced Hull Recovery on Repair & Recharge, corrected power point recovery

• Fixed client-side null exceptions when weapon fire is taking place while jumping out of a sector
• Fixed server crash caused by conditions between active/obsolete sessions
• Fixed chat desync bugs caused by faction switching
• Fixed a bug related to weapon panels in the HUD preventing players from using them correctly
• LoD fixes for planet textures
• Mining planet scale corrections
• Added feedback to Tier 4 ships attempting to enter Arenas
o Find Match button is now grayed out when in a Tier 4 ship
o Text added to Rules
• Quick Ammo buy now matches inflight shop
• Fixed resupply bugs with Capital Ships
• Faction Switch fixes (user name availability, localized text)
• Fixed bug with Heavy Raider selection
• Fixed Weapon Slot 5 bug (Adv. Rhino/Marauder)
• Fixed some text overlap bugs
• Limited-time items should now correctly display that information in description text
• Carrier bugfixes
o Engine slots now within bounding boxes
o Level 15 buffs now in line with buff progression
o Adjusted position of Dock/Undock/Launch Strikes button
o Fixed Dock/Undock/Launch Strikes button rendering behind reticules
o Fixed respawn select screen text
o Carrier is a selectable option when changing ships while docked with an outpost
o Fixed stat display for Repair & Recharge system
o Fixed Strike’s Repair interface elements not rendering correctly with galaxy map
o Carrier-specific systems are now Unique (user may only have/equip one of each system)
o Fixed bugs related to targetability of docked ships
o Fixed user lock when undocking from FTL-traveling carrier
o Carrier items now correctly labeled as XL
o Fixed rear firing arcs
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