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Old 21.04.2011, 03:33   #1
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Default Best way to farm cubits suggestions

Okay this isn't another of those "How do I get cubits" Threads and at the same time it is.

With all the recent changes NPC farming has become very hard and cubit drops are scarce. Water seems to be lacking from the systems now and our typical cubit farming methods are needing to be adjusted.

So i'm starting a topic for other peoples suggestions and preferred farming methods, hopefully building a few general guides to decent cubit farming goodness.

Now I am prepared with my flame suit for the. "This is the millionth topic like this." And the "kill, do dailys, mine" Replies which are decent general ideas. I'm simply looking into the other farming strats everyone else uses.
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All I have to say is: If there's an easy way to get cubits, don't mention it. BP will end up patching it, and that will be that.
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water is hardly worth farming anymore unless you find a water mine or save a ton of it up and NPC farming just isn't worth if for cubits, although the salvaging has gotten better
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You are basically stuck with killing level 15-20 drones & strikes with a highly upgraded strike/escort. Dont try farming lines for cubits, even if you have all level 10 gear on your line you will not make more cubits killing lines than you will by using a strike/escort to kill drones/strikes.

Try to find a nice patch of 4-5 drones/strikes with lots of nearby asteroid fields and scan inbetween spawns, thats the only way you will make decent cubits. And by decent I mean like 20-30% of what you would of made prepatch.
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There is an endless supply of cubits in your credit card. Just keep hammering away at your bank account and watch the cubits rooooooll in!
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Originally Posted by FrackThisNoise View Post
There is an endless supply of cubits in your credit card. Just keep hammering away at your bank account and watch the cubits rooooooll in!
THAT nail, sir, has been squarely HIT!!!
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lol i can find cubits faster then before the patch
in high lvl systems are a lot of water asteroids and meanwhile doing dailys earns also allot
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Originally Posted by exteris3 View Post
lol i can find cubits faster then before the patch
in high lvl systems are a lot of water asteroids and meanwhile doing dailys earns also allot
I'm considered somewhat 'pro' patch, and even I am having a hard time swallowing this post.

There is NO WAY you are finding cubits faster than before the patch, either that, or you really didn't know what you were doing then.

I've seen some nuclear battles over 10K water mines (which is a bit silly) and some other low handed stuff going on, which goes to show when times are lean, ppl resort to underhanded tactics (which is canon I suppose).

There is no good way to mine cubits, you're gonna have to grind grind grind.

***EDIT*** saving water may be a bad investment, look what happened to those who saved Ti before the hyperinflation hit...ouch... ***
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I, as a cylon in libran , agree that after this recents updates/hotfixes I'm finding more water and more cubit than ever before... and I simply do my daily and some casual mining during scan recognition, some PvE on Lvl20 areas and seldom some PvP deep in the human sectors

...oh and I waste thousand Tyl in ammos trying to help fellow cylons in need.

What I don't find much around is Merits.

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Not the best or great method, but you could hold a sizable mine and shoot down the spawn you'll bring in. If you want, save up the water. Another thing that works well is joining a squad in a fairly decent system. If you shoot down any NPCs and players, after a while, the cubits will come in. both are pretty time consuming, but it's what I find works well.
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