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Beitrag BGO BIBLE: GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY FOR NEW PLAYERS Copyright © 2011 JLS (jdog11490/EiEiO

BGO BIBLE: GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY FOR NEW PLAYERS Copyright © 2011-13 JLS (jdog11490/EiEiO) (V4.8)

Download a pdf version of the guide:
I have added 1 other guide after this one.Its how to use the forums correctly.



"The Cylons were created by man. They were created to make life easier on the Twelve Colonies. And then the day came when the Cylons decided to kill their masters. After a long and bloody struggle, an armistice was declared. The Cylons left for another world to call their own. A remote space station was built......Where Cylon and Human could meet and maintain diplomatic relations. Every year the Colonials send an officer. The Cylons send no one. No one has seen or heard from the Cylons in over forty years.”—Miniseries prologue

Until now!! Gaius Baltar a human has helped the Cylons launch a sudden sneak attack on the Colonies laying waste to the planets they once called home devastating their populations. Now the humans are fighting the old war with the cybernetic race of their own creation. The planets gone and the Cylons resurrection ship destroyed, they are forced to fight the never ending war. Forced to use the base star (Cylons), Battle star (humans), and their outpost as bases of operation they travel From system to system . Each trying to destroy the other and be the dominant race. The humans commanded by Commander William "Bill" Adama. and the Cylons lead by "Number One" or John Cavil. Cylon or Human? Choose wisely for the fate of the galaxy’s rest on your shoulders.

The main objective of the game is to control all of the systems and defeat the opposing faction. While leveling up, upgrading, fighting NPCs, mining, and a never ending stream of pvp battles.

This is for new players and high lv players both. There will always be a person with a higher (unless your #1) or lower lv then you. Don’t steal mines from other players on the same faction as you. Share npcs there is enough to go around if not in one system then there is in another system. There are always rude players no matter what don’t return the favor. Don't take anything personally its just a game.

To the high lv players:
Remember that you were once a new player before you got the advanced ship with upgrades up the wazoo. Remember how hard it was to start playing a new game and get used to it. The new players that are under you are having the same difficulty's so be nice if they ask for help. You don't have to help them every time but remember it’s the nice thing to do. If you can’t help them politely tell them you can’t.

To the new players:
The high lv's are not being rude if they politely decline. They have missions and need resources just like you. So be nice if you get declined there will be someone you can get help from. Sometimes you need to step out of the nest and learn to fly.

The DRADIS is your ship's radar you can find it at the bottom center of the your screen it looks like a red/blue circle, it will show you enemy ships, friendly ships, debris fields, planetoids, and asteroids that are in range of your ships radar. On the left of the radar there are two buttons one that looks like a world and one that looks like a grid map.

The world button is your sector map and tool to be able to go to other systems by FTL Jumping, the only way to travel from one system to another (Pressing 'N' will open your sector map). You can’t fly from one system to another. Select a destination in your Red FTL range and press jump or 'J'

The grid map icon shows you the system's map that you are in. Through this you can see asteroid belts (big long lines and groups and other formations of asteroids) in the form of dots. You can also see enemies as red triangles, friendly ships which are blue triangles and drones and platforms show as grey triangles. Bigger ships like lines show up as 3 small triangles in a pyramid, and you can see the planetoids (the huge asteroids used for industrial mining). They are shaped like a hexagon, and if someone is mining on them 3 yellow dots in a close line will be a top of the hexagon. You can also use the grid map as a targeting devise by right clicking on the object you want to target.

The bar on the left of the radar shows your fuel/money amount which is how much tylium you have. When you have 20,000 tylium or more the bar will say at the top FULL (instead of showing a number). On the right of your radar is speed bar. To move forward you can drag the throttle bar up or down with left click to go faster (press 'E') or slower (press 'Q'). You can also use the arrows at the top and bottom to change your speed.

Next to the speed bar there are 3 buttons the top one has the icon of 2 ships back to back this is the follow friend button use it when you have a lock on a friendly ship (press 'Y'). The next has an icon of 2 ships side by side this is the match speed (press 'T') of a friendly ship that you are locked on. Under that is the booster button it looks like a sideways triangle with jagged flames. There is two ways to use your booster by clicking on the button or by pressing and holding the spacebar.

Under the radar are three target hexagons. The blue icon on the far left is for automatically targeting the nearest colonial (enemy for Cylons) ship. The red icon on the far right will automatically target the nearest Cylons (enemy for colonial) in range. Pressing 'X' will target your nearest enemy. The center icon will cancel your selected target or by pressing 'C'. At the bottom of the screen it a long bar that fills up when you get EP this is the level bar it tells you how much EP you have and how much you need for the next Lvl. On the bottom right shows you your ship with your equipped cannons and rocket launchers click able to disarm or arm. On the weapons there are arrows, they are numbered for using the hotkeys (E.g., weapon 1 = press '1' on keyboard). And under this are your electronic and computer items that you can use by clicking on them (Hold shift + the ability slot). These use power every time you use them.

The top left corner you will see the name of the system you are in and what the percentage of the outpost is at from 0-300%. there is a icon showing your username, level, the red bar is the ships hp and the blue bar is your power points watch your hp and power during battle to see when you need to get out of there. When you have something targeted it will appear In the top middle and show the name of the object and its hp and power if it has any, and the distance from you. The Level display of the currently selected target is color-coded according to the reward scaling system:
If the Level number is WHITE, you will receive full XP and loot from defeating the target
If the Level number is YELLOW, you will receive reduced XP and loot from defeating the target
If the Level number is GREY, you will receive no XP or loot if the target is an NPC or the minimum XP and loot (20%) if the target is an enemy player

On the top right of your screen you have a full screen button and 4 different camera modes to view game play and buttons to zoom in and out on your ship. To the right of those are the help, wing, hold, pilot info, leader board, options. Message log, log out, system map, and buy cubits.


When you dock there are 3 rooms the hanger, rec room, and the CIC. The place it always loads you in is the Hanger when you dock. In the Hanger you will find #8 Sharon (Cylons)/ Chief Edison (humans). Here you can sell, buy, equip, and repair like any other OP. In the rec room you will find captain Adama and Starbuck (humans). You find #2 leoben and #6 caprica (Cylons). You are able to get your daily missions/ turn them in and get the prophecies (Cylon)/ triads (human). In the CIC you will find commander Adama (humans)/ #1 Cavil (Cylons). You can get the new player missions (6 in total) from the commander of the faction’s fleet. Or ask to command the base star/ Pegasus.
To get the rec room:
In either the hanger or the CIC click the door with the icon of 3 chairs and a table floating above the door to go to the rec room.
To get to the CIC:
In either the hanger or the rec room click the door with the icon [>_] above the door to go to the CIC
To get to the Hanger:
In either the CIC or the rec room click on the door with the raider icon (Cylons)/ viper icon (humans)

When you completed the tutorial or if you skipped it (don’t skip it is the best way to learn how to play) you get to create your character. The first step is you get to choose a name for yourself but make a good long hard decision, because you can’t change it. And please don’t use any vulgar or offensive names because it will be changed. The second step is you get to change your character's appearance and sex if you’re a human this is permanent. The last step is to choose your ship out of the 2 basic ships a Viper MK II/ Raider for fighting or a Raptor/Heavy Raider for support and recon. The Viper/Raider has less computer modules but is faster and has more hull slots. The Raptor/Heavy Raider ship isn't as fast but has more slots for computer modules. After you have finished creating your character you are transferred to your faction's home ship the Galactica for humans (Colonial) and the Basestar for Cylons.

(To use game pad/controller you will have to download a 3rd party program 'Xpadder' is a great program for that.)
W: up S: down D: right A: left or you can use the right mouse to steer and the left to look. [SHIFT]+ mouse wheel: Ship throttle speed Q: stop E: full speed spacebar: boost speed (uses tylium/ in op makes u run) K: stop jump
X: target closes enemy Z: targets nearest missile C: cancel target G: turn all guns on/off F: fire all missiles
Other keys:
H: help I: pilot info O: options L: leader board B: wing roster N: system navigation M: system map A + shift: assignments D + shift: duty’s Z: skills S: ship status R + shift: in flight resupply H + shift: help =: increases speed -: decreases speed R: reply to whisper U: take all salvage

Advanced Flight Controls is a feature that allows the player to fly freely in space, including upside down. To access the Advanced Flight Controls, select Options. On the options tab, there is a toggle for Advanced Flight Controls. Ships will not automatically bank when Advanced Flight Controls
are turned on. With the Advanced Flight Controls, there are two additional key bindings: Roll Left and Roll Right. Go to Options > Key Bindings to adjust your configuration. While in Advanced Flight Control mode, there is no auto-orientation (your ship will not automatically flip over).

Global and Localized Channels
The chat system now supports 'Global' and 'Localized' versions of the Fleet, System and Open chat channels. Global versions of these channels are restricted to English, as before
Localized versions of channels allow players to chat in other languages, according to the client language selected from the drop-down in the upper-right of the game Website (where you login to the game) A small icon in the chat entry field shows which channel you are currently using for chat – clicking this icon will switch between the Global (represented by a globe icon) and Localized (represented by a flag of the appropriate nationality) channels
You can filter your chat window to display only Global, only Localized or both channels via small icons to the lower right of the chat window. There are now small icons to the left of the chat window that act as shortcuts for sending a message to the Fleet, System, Open and Whisper channels (note that these icons will automatically switch between the Global and Localized versions of these channels, according to which you have chosen to use via the icon in the chat entry field).
/ol OR /open, switches chat to open in which all messages you type in a specific sector can be heard by enemy and friendly pilots in that sector
/fl OR /fleet, used to send a fleet message, uses up one Comm Access item.
/w OR /whisper NAME , used to send a message to a certain player.
/m OR /mute NAME, mutes another player
/I OR /invite NAME, used to invite another player to a party
/h OR /HELP, shows chat help

- Enemies cannot come on your home map
- In a strike do not sit still and fight your avoidance is reduced greatly and you can be kilt faster.
-NPCs enemies only have an avatar of the ship and ship name instead of an avatar of a person and a user name.
- You do not get damaged when you run into things whether it’s an asteroid or ship you just lose speed and bounce off backwards
-On the outpost ships and colonial and Cylon home maps the people with the coins and clipboards above their heads are the important people you are supposed to talk to.
-On the jump map blue is colonial controlled systems red is Cylon controlled systems.
- 3 red/or blue dots on a system represent active industrial mines
- Don’t use cubits on anything other than ships or upgrading ships. Because it’s a very rare and valuable type of money.
- Always keep track of where you going using your radar
-You can't heal during combat unless you have DC packs that cost 1 dc pack and energy every time to use them but repairs damage during battle.
- Be sure to know if you shot the NPC/asteroid first if you did not shoot it first you will not get anything for destroying it. But if they stop shooting it about 20 seconds then you can get the rewards for shooting it down.
- Mining skills should be the last skill you upgrade except the one to upgrade your scanner. The other skills are by far more important.
- When your ship hold is full sell the stuff that you don't need or put it in your locker. Your locker can hold infinite amount of stuff and can be accessed at any OP. Never have a full hull that will not allow you to receive items from your kills, or mission rewards.
- Equipment does carry over when you upgrade your ship
- No effects of the same type of buff stack you have to use one after the other. different types of buffs do stack.
- Junk is split evenly in groups
-strike vs strike: If someone slides, flip over and fly the other way

So you can understand what some one is saying without having to ask what they mean.
-DEV: developer
- DEO: Disrupt enemy operations
- EP/XP: experience points
-FTL: faster than light
-Flack- a hull item that shoots out stuff to have missiles miss you
- Farm: to stay in one spot for a long time and either be collecting a certain resource or shooting NPCs that come by or spawn next to you or that spot.
- Grind: to be actively shooting NPCs and mining a lot to level up.
- HP: hull points
- Lvl/LV: level
- Mod/ CM: forum/chat moderator.
- MMO: massive multiplayer online
-NPCs/AI: a computer controlled enemy or friendly, Non player character
-NUGGET: new player (noob/ newbie)
- OP: outpost
-PVP: player vs. player (when someone say pvp on map there saying enemy is here)
-WING: Are a clan and clan members are known as wing members

More game terms:

You have to get a certain amount of experience points for each level. You get experience points from completing missions, mining and defeating enemy NPCs and enemy players in PVP battles. The harder it is the more experience you get (depending on the map you are in) Lv. 85 gives you all the exp. to train all skills.

1 - 0 (Nugget - Optio v1.0)
2 - 1000 (Rookie / Optio v1.1)
3 - 4000 (Junior Ensign / Optio v1.2)
4 - 9000 (Ensign 3rd Class / Upgraded Optio v2.0)
5 - 16000 (Ensign 2nd Class / Upgraded Optio v2.1)
6 - 25000 (Ensign 1st Class / Upgraded Optio v2.2)
7 - 36000 (Senior Ensign 3rd Class / Enhanced Optio v3.0)
8 - 49000 (Senior Ensign 2nd Class / Enhanced Optio v3.1)
9 - 64000 (Senior Ensign 1st Class / Enhanced Optio v3.2)
10 - 81000 (Junior Lieutenant 3rd Class / Decurion v1.0)
11 - 100000 (Junior Lieutenant 2nd Class / Decurion v1.1)
12 - 121000 (Junior Lieutenant 1st Class / Decurion v1.2)
13 - 144000 (Lieutenant 3rd Class / Upgraded Decurion v2.0)
14 - 169000 (Lieutenant 2nd Class / Upgraded Decurion v2.1)
15 - 196000 (Lieutenant 1st Class / Upgraded Decurion v2.2)
16 - 225000 (Senior Lieutenant 3rd Class / Enhanced Decurion v3.0)
17 - 256000 (Senior Lieutenant 2nd Class / Enhanced Decurion v3.1)
18 - 289000 (Senior Lieutenant 1st Class / Enhanced Decurion v3.2)
19 - 324000 (First Lieutenant / Master Decurion v1.0)
20 - 361000 (Captain / Tribune v1.0)
Max Lvl is 255

Click on the Galactica (Colonial), or the Basestar (Cylon) a [Dock] button will appear click it. (note: the Pegasus/base star in the systems where you buy ships cannot be docked on) To dock on an outpost ship click on it and when you are close enough (750) a [Dock] button will appear click it. After repairing the Hull of your current ship or switching to a different ship, there will be a 30 second delay before you can undock, while the repairs are completed.

Go to the Galactica (Colonial), or the Basestar (Cylon) (go to the hanger for these ships) or an outpost ship and talk to the person with a coin over there head and click them. Click the [buy,sell,equip] button. Here you can buy items by clicking the requisition button to buy. At the top click Hold then click on the item you want to sell, click salvage and choose how much of the item you want to get rid of. If you change your mind click on the cancel button.

The locker gives you a safe spot to put your valued items in for safe keeping you will only have access to them when you are docked.

Go to the Galactica (Colonial), or the Basestar (Cylon) (go to the hanger for these ships) or an outpost ship and talk to the person with a coin over there head and click them and then click the buy sell equip button. At the top click Hold. Drag the item from your hold and drop it onto its right spot whether it is a W: for Weapon C: for Computer H: for Hull E: for Engine (You can only use light equipment with light ships, ect,ect)

On the left next to the radar is a button that has an icon of a world click it and it will open up to show all the systems.(or press n) By left-clicking on a system a description will pop up. The description tells you information about how far the system is from your current one how much Tylium (fuel) it will take for you to jump And it's threat Lvl. Under the description if you are able to reach that system there will be a [JUMP] button right click it and wait for the countdown to finish. While you are in countdown mode you cannot fight because all your ships power is being used for the jump. Pressing 'K' will cancel your FTL and your power will recharge.
FTL drive charge times now vary according to the size of the ship, and the modifier to charge time when jumping while in combat has been increased:
Strike ships have a base 'jump timer' of 15 seconds (60 seconds when in combat)
Escort ships have a base 'jump timer' of 20 seconds (80 seconds when in combat)
Line ships have a base 'jump timer' of 25 seconds (100 seconds when in combat)
The Pegasus and Basestar have a base 'jump timer' of 30 seconds (120 seconds when in combat) (note: for group jumps the timer, costs, and jump radius are exactly what the leaders is)

Equip cannons (light for strikes) (long range, standard, or short range) choose the right ammo for your ship(light for strikes). You can right click on the cannon to change ammo. If your cannons are not armed push G to arm all your cannons. Your cannons are armed when they are lit up. To disarm them push G. (you can also click each one separately to activate). Multi-targeting lets u target more than one. Click on the target you want to shoot. When in range they will automatically fire you just have to keep the target in sight. When you have blown up the target you will get a reward click take all (or have the auto loot active).

Equip missiles launchers (light for stikes) (long range and general) (short range strikes only) chose the right missiles to shoot (light for stikes). Regular: Click on the target you want to shoot. When in range push F to fire all the missile launchers or click on the missile icon to shoot. Must be keept in range and arc of missile launcher. When they have reloaded push f again. Multi targeting: If your rocket launchers are not armed push f (or click the missiles icon) to arm them. Your missiles are armed when they are lit up. Will auto shoot the selected target, Must be kept in range and arc of missile launcher. When you have destroyed the target you will get a reward click take all (or have the auto loot active).

Travel to debris zones on most maps where there is lots of debris or a destroyed ship. (Not actual npcs or player ships just there for decoration) search for a bluish (some say its drab gray) (Looks like a shipping container) rectangular container box click it and click take all to get the items. They are great for selling the items to get tylium.

Click on the player and when the avatar shows up at the top center of the screen right click it. It will give you a list; add as friends, follow, info, or invite. To dismiss a player from group click the avatar and click on the button that says dismiss. You can also give up leader ship to another or leave the group. If you have friends you can see the list of them on your pilot info window and can click their names to send whispers and mouse over there name to see what map they are in. (/i 'name' will invite a player to a squadron)

Make sure you have the right mining cannons equipped (light, medium, or heavy depending on your ship type. strikes will have the light mining cannon)(or use regular cannons for those who have all the ammo they need and don’t want to use the mining cannons) and a scanner. You don’t need ammo for the mining cannons, but it is very weak if you use it on enemies. It’s made to mine not to fight.(reason why many don’t use mining cannons) Make sure you have your all mining cannons disarmed click on an asteroid and click the scanner when you get an asteroid that has a color other than red and it tells you there is something in it you can arm your mining cannons. Don’t worry another player can’t see your asteroid change colors unless they are scanning it at the same time. If you both scan it at the same time whoever shoots it first gets the stuff. If you are in range (600 basic strike range) it will automatically fire you just have to keep the target in sight. When you have blown up the target you will get a reward click take all to add it to your Hold.

If there is not a mining ship already on the planetoid. Go to it and when you are in range scan it. If it shows it has any resource in it a prompt will appear asking if you want to lay a mining ship. It cost 100 cubits. BUT BE ALERT!! When you lay industrial mines NPCs and enemy players will come to steal the mine or blow it up so be ready to fight. It is a very dangerous but very profitable thing to do. Don’t try to do it if you can’t handle 2 NPCs at once. If you are on the enemy’s side of the map and you plant a mine down you can be sure you will be attacked and most likely killed along with your mine. You’re on their side of the map and you are practically inviting them to come and fight you. If you don’t want to fight don’t lay the mine. you can continue to receive stuff from your mining ship when you log off. as long as it isnt blown up by a player or npc.

This is needed when a group has added some other players to their group and want to have them get some of the stuff form the mine. So they have to let a npc pop the mine and retake it so that all members of the group can get some of the mine. It is normally told to everyone in chat to not mess with the mine or the npc attacking it. Play with honor Leave the mine and the npc alone and do not try to steal it.

To resupply in space make sure you have tylium to buy whatever you need. Click the button that looks like lots of cubits next to the dradis under the map button. Click the tab resupply. And scroll down to what you need. When you click the requisition button if you need more than one item like ammo click the spot where the number is and type in the amount needed. Click buy.

If you cannot take on 4 or more npcs at once do not attempt to do it alone. The freighters ‘light’ found in some of the low lv maps is mainly strike craft/‘medium’ found in some of the medium lv maps mainly strikes and escorts/‘heavy’ found in the higher lv maps mainly strikes, escorts, and lines. Lights are easiest and heavy’s are the hardest to farm. The freighter will not attack you. The npcs that are with it follow the freighter like drunk drivers. Find the freighter and bring your group if needed and attack the npcs do not attack the freighter leave it be when the npcs that are following it are gone just follow the freighter. Do not attack it!! In a bit the npcs u just kilt will respawn behind the freighter. Shoot them and when they are all dead follow the freighter. Rinse and repeat. That my friend Is how you farm a freighter.

Push “O” on the keyboard or click the gear button on the top right side of the screen click the tab key bindings. Scroll through the ones already set to see what is there if you want to change a key binding just click the tab next to it that has the current key used as the hot key and push the button you want it to be set as. If you messed up and want to change everything back to normal just click the return to default tab at the bottom of the key binding window.

There is one person leading the fleet Ops. That person will instruct everyone what to do. Not having 10 different people shouting out suggestions in the chat on where to go. This confuses many people and most times makes the fleet get separated because they went to the wrong system. When you’re in the system and going for the OP go straight to the OP do not:
Go out of your way to kill npcs, farm asteroids, kill mines, or lay mines down.
The last 2 lets the enemy know you are there, which you don’t want. You want to be attacking the OP before they can form a good defense. And doing any of the above will separate you and others from the main task of killing the OP, it gives them more time to get more players in to defend the OP.

If you leave the new player protected systems you have a chance of being attacked. It is even a greater chance if you jump into your enemy’s systems. If you leave your side of the map you are trespassing. So the enemy will try to kill you if they see you no matter what lv you are. If you are and are killed don’t slander someone for killing you whether or not there a higher lv then you. Remember you’re on their side so you’re asking for it. Now there may be some people that will let you be but the best thing is to not draw attention to yourself.
The enemy does not take kindly to some one of the other side doing the following:
*mining asteroids * industrial mining * farming npcs/ freighters/ plats * taking salvage * or killing pvp (for the daily asteroid recon if it’s in enemy territory always carries the risk of being seen and killed)
Doing these will draw attention to yourself you may or may not be caught and killed.

The sector control points are calculated from the faction’s number of outposts and active mining ships. It does not represent how many players are online.

To upgrade your ship you need to go to the system Delta Canopis (Colonial) or 47 Tartalon (Cylon). Dock onto the big 'mining' planet (not the basestar/pegasus ship) talk to the man/lady with the coin on his/her head click the talk about getting a new ship. You will have a new window open of all the ships giving detailed info of each one. click the icon of the ship you want to upgrade and then at the bottom left there will be a button to upgrade click it and it will ask you if you’re sure you want to. Click confirm.
To upgrade other equipment dock on the basestar/battle star on your home map or any OP. Talk to the person with the coin over there head to click on the buy /sell/ equip button. You will see you items you have equipped on your ship click on the button under one of them that says upgrade when the new window opens click the right arrow to move it up a lv you want to upgrade it to. It will tell you how much it cost to upgrade click the upgrade button then the confirm button. You need to have skills trained in order to upgrade certain items. I.e.: cannons, hulls, electronic, computers can only be upgraded as high as the skill lv you have.

You need to be docked on any OP or home map ship. Don’t sell your titanium keep it. You will need it to repair everything from ship to equipment and the bigger the ship and more damage there is you will need more titanium. Lower level equipment has low repair costs and higher level equipment has higher repair costs. If your ship drops below 20% durability there will be penalties until it's repaired. If a piece of equipment drops to 0% it can’t be used until repaired. There is a repair all button at the top of the repair screen.

There are 3 different types of ammo standard (grey),15% +(green) ,and 30 % + (red) each costing more tylium and cubits as you go up from standard ammo to 30%. You may get ammo that you cannot use from shooting down enemy ships. You can sell ammo for tylium or save it. All light ammo works for any light ships cannons whether they are long range standard or close rapid-fire, all medium ammo works for any medium ships cannons whether they are long range standard or close rapid-fire, all heavy ammo works for any heavy ships cannons whether they are long range standard or close rapid-fire.

First off you should always keep enough tylium on your ship or in your locker to get from map to map. If you find yourself stranded with no tylium to jump there are 4 things you can do. Mine for tylium this may take a while. Shoot enemy NPCs and get stuff to sell, or search debris fields and sell the items gotten, and lastly is to be killed (LOL) and you will have the choice to go to the next closes friendly held map.

When your ship gets blown up, your ship and the equipment will get a certain amount of damage done to it. If you don’t die but escape with low hp you will still get damage done to your hull just not as much as if you got killed. There is no XP or skill loss. At death there will be a window with the option to respawn in the current sector if it is a friendly held system or the next closest friendly system.

There are 4 Skill categories, Weapon, Hull, Engine, and Computer.
Start training your skills as soon as you start the game and have enough to train them. look at the skill training chart to see the cost and time to train them. You will be able to get some done quickly if you do the missions.
Every time you gain experience points you get the same amount to use towards training a skill. You can only have one skill training at a time. You have to train the first top skill next to the category you want before you can train the sub categories under it as you train skills you also unlock the ability to upgrade certain equipment types. The skills will still continue to train if you log off. The effects of skills will happen as soon as you click train. You cannot cancel training a skill so be careful and choose wisely. lv 85 is when you have enough exp. to train all skills.

Skills experience points needed to train with time
1: 500 XP 15 min
2: 2,000ep1hr
3: 4,500ep 2hrs 15 min.
4: 8,000ep 4hrs
5: 12,500ep 6 hrs. 15 min
6: 18,000ep 9hrs
7:24,500ep 12hr 15min
8: 32,000ep 16hr
9: 40,500xp 20hr 15min
10: 50,000xp 25 hr.

About Anti-Spawn Camping Timer:
when you jump into a system you will have 10 seconds to start a clean jump out of the system if it is spawn camped before your ship actually spawns. making it easier to escape. this way you will not have to have the long wait time from being shot at and getting threat.

When in battle it will take 60 seconds to log out. When you are out in a system trying to log out you ship will turn off and sit still you cannot run away while you try to log out. you will stay still until the timer is gone and you are logged out or you were killed. When not in battle it is the standard 20 seconds to log out when you are out in your ship. When you are docked you can automatically log out.

Under the icon indicator for enemy’s friends and asteroids will appear messages of what’s going on in other system if it has heavy fighting, when a op is settled, has to retreat, or when a mining ship is under attack. Can also been seen scrolling at the bottom.
When an enemy is close the word "Threat" will blink above your dradis. If a missiles is shot at you. You will hear a bleeping noise and above the dradis you will see a picture of a missile for each missile shot at u there will be one picture.

Your ship has a maximum amount of 50 slots. But can carry unlimited amounts of whatever is in the slot. On any ship from the smallest ship to the biggest.
- Yellow is tylium the main money used and is also used for your boosters (so don’t over use your boosters) and needed to jump from system to system. When you have at least 20,000 units of Tylium the fuel bar on your ship's radar will show that it is full. it just stops counting after 20k don’t worry it’s not really full.
- Purple is titanium used for repairing your ship and other items on your ship it is better to not sell this.
- Blue is water a very valuable resource. If you sell it you can get 1 cubit for 5 water.
- Red means the asteroid has nothing in it.
- Cubits are the game's premium currency. You can get Cubits from killing NPCs, salvaging, completing missions, or by purchasing it with real money. Some items/ships can only be bought with cubits.

Optimal range is where the cannons will do the max amount of damage.
Max range is the maximum distance the cannons can shoot but as it gets farther away it decreases in accuracy.
So say your cannons can shoot a maximum 900 and the optimal is 300 and let’s say your cannons can shoot 20 max and 10 minimum. At 0-300 you will be shooting 20. 301-900 depending on your skill upgrades you will be shooting from 10 minimum as you get farther away the less you have a chance of hitting your target and when you do it will not be your full strength costing more ammo.

Missions are to help you get to know the game and see where everything is and how it all works. I know it’s crazy but you actually have to read the mission log to know what to do.(many people skip the reading because they don’t believe it is important) don’t just skip the text or you will be stuck wondering how to finish the quest. There are 2 types of missions the noob missions given to you by the commanding NPC character in the CIC room, and the daily missions given to you in the Rec Room. When you complete a fighting quest talk to the lady she will give you your rewards. When you complete a non-fighting quest, talk to the male who gives the missions to give you your rewards. See the quartermaster in the hanger for the daily supplies. As you complete daily missions and Lvl up they will get harder but pay you more. To abandon a tutorial Mission in progress click the Abandon button on the right-hand side of HUD – this will end the mission, which may then be attempted again by speaking to the relevant character.(for tutorial quests)
About daily missions:
-Supply Allocation: Where you get a bit of laser ammo, rockets, 1 com access, cubits, and tylium. From the quartermaster in the hangar of the main faction ship on your home map. The Supply Allocation assignment now requires that a pilot complete their Intercept Enemy Patrols and Drone Clearance assignments in order to qualify for their additional supplies
-Intercept Enemy Patrols: Shoot down enemy NPC ships (not drones or platforms or other players)
-Disable Weapons Platforms: Shoot down weapons platforms you can usually find them in between planetoids (but are a pain in the butt to do if you’re a new player you will need help to do them.)
-System Patrol: Go to the system named and stay there until the number is reached (I.e. if it says 6 then it will slowly go from 0 up to 6 it’s like a timer)
-Drone Clearance: Shoot down the amount of drones assigned
-Salvage Recovery: Gather the blue rectangular cargo boxes found by debris fields on all maps
-Tylium Extraction: Mine the amount of tylium specified
-Asteroid Recon: Scan the amount of asteroids specified on the map it tells you to go to
-Titanium Extraction: Mine the amount of titanium specified
-Disrupt Enemy Operations: Kill a set amount of players not NPCs. They don’t count for this. You will get a reward of merits with the completion of this quest. Players 10 or more levels lower than you will no longer give credit for this Assignment, Duties or the Leader boards when defeated (Note that all players higher than Level 20 are considered to be Level 20 for the purposes of this calculations)

The maximum number of enemy players able to enter star systems near to each faction's home systems.
276 Exrun, 32 Serpentos, 51 Bonamist, 84 Cerbero and 71 Duneyrr limited to 30 Colonial pilots
Zeidan, 68 Lepporis and 69 Otan limited to 20 Colonial pilots
NEW: Rayet, canaris 0 [ protected]
21 Tiche, Spectris, Anachron and 74 Imsida are now limited to 10 Colonial pilots
Asterian, Kryphon, Tau Altaar, Omicon Decimus and Alpha Extigens limited to 30 Cylon pilots
Epsilon Iordiani, Marsamxett and Sigma Lyraes limited to 20 Cylon pilots
Omicron Percei, Tau Carinai, Wegelin and Balent limited to 10 Cylon pilots

Arena matches allow Pvp between specific players in private 'instanced' areas, separate from the main game world (much like Missions). This Update introduces two types of Arena match – 1v1 Ranked and 1v1 Duels. To read more click this link:

Convoy Raid missions are a special new mission type that can be unlocked by collecting [i][u]Fragmented FTL Coordinates:
Fragmented FTL Coordinates represent rumors and clues concerning the movement patterns of the enemy fleet Fragmented FTL Coordinates can only be received by playing Triad or consulting the hybrid for a Prophecy. Collecting 100 Fragmented FTL Coordinates will allow your pilot to predict the location of a staging area used by valuable enemy convoys and unlock a special Convoy Raid mission. To read more click:

Colonial pilots can now play Triad when aboard the Galactica, and Cylon pilots can now receive Prophecies from the hybrid when aboard the Basestar:
Colonial pilots can play Triad by speaking to Starbuck in the Galactica Rec Room
Cylon pilots can receive Prophecies from the hybrid by speaking to Number Six in the Basestar Rec Room
Pilots can play one hand of Triad or receive a single Prophecy for free each day – additional Triad hands or Prophecies cost 200 Cubits each. To read more click:

Crucible – compete in PvP event sectors to attain the most PvP experience. Boosters and augments do not contribute to tournament score.
Annihilation – the goal is to attain the most damage during the duration of the tournament.
Decimation – the goal is to attain the most kills during the duration of the tournament.
Rock-Buster – the player that attains the most mining resources wins the tournament.
Nemesis – Tournament Sectors are specifically designated on the System Navigation Map.
Upon entering a Tournament Sector, a message appears informing you that you are in a Tournament PvP zone as well as outlining the rules and structure for the Tournament.

These are like a 3rd set of assignments. Completing certain objectives in game will grant you experience point bonuses and special titles Duty Titles are names of the different levels as you complete a goal it will increase and you can choose to have a title you have gotten displayed on your pilot info. You can select one title at a time as your active title. In the future your active duty title will also grant a stat or skill bonus while equipped. These are the duties: the amount of asteroids scanned, the amount of (insert) mined, the amount of maps traveled to, the amount of NPCs kilt, the amount of pvp's kilt, the amount of resources collected. Completing each level grants more experience points.

Go to the Galactica (Colonial), or the Basestar (Cylon) (go to the hanger for these ships) or an outpost ship and talk to the person with a coin over there head and click them and then click the change ship command then a window will pop up and the ship you own will be shown. Click the command button under the ship you own. it will ask you if you want to change ship click the confirm.

There are 4 main ship categories:
Light (Strike), Medium (Escort), and Heavy (Line), and Carriers.
And then under them 4 sub-categories for each of the first 3 :
Interceptor, Assault, Command, and Multi role.
Interceptors are fast fighters and have the lowest hp out of the others
Command ships are moderate speed hit good and have medium hp
Assault ships are very slow but can hit hard and withstand a heavy beating.
Multirole have a mixture of speed hull points and electronics.

Go to the system Delta Canopis (Colonial) or 47 Tartalon (Cylon) and dock onto the big 'mining' planet (not the Basestar/Pegasus ship) talk to the man/lady with the coin on his/her head click the talk about getting a new ship. You will have a new window open of all the ships giving detailed info of each one. when you have more than one ship you can change your current ship by going to the home map then to the hanger and talk the quartermaster or going to an Outpost and talking to the head person. Note: if you are at your home map talk to the guy in the hanger of the main ship and click the button about getting a new ship you can get a free ride to the system you need to go to so you can get a new ship.

Colonial ships:
You need to be level 1+ to use these ships (light):
Viper: 75000tylium /Raptor: 75,000 tylium /Rhino: 36,000 cubits /Viper MK VII: 45,000 cubits
You need to be level 10+ to use these ships (medium):
Scythe: 600,000 tylium/ Glave: 60,000 cubits/ Maul: 600,000 tylium /Halberd: 75,000 cubits
You must be level 20+ to use these ships (heavy):
Aesir: 135,000 cubits/ Vanir: 2 million tylium/ Jotunn: 2million Tylium/ Gungnir: 225,000 cubits
Cylon ships:
You need to be level 1+ to use these ships (light):
Raider: 75,000 tylium /Heavy Raider: 75,000 tylium /Marauder: 36,000 cubits /Cylon war Raider: 45,000 cubits.
You must be level 20+ to use these ships (heavy):
You need to be level 10+ to use these ships (medium):
/Banshee:600,000 tylium /Spectre:60,000 cubits /Wraith: 600,000 tylium / Liche: 75,000
/Fenrir: 135,000 cubits /Hel: 200,000,000 tylium /Jormung:2,000,000 tylium./ Nidhog: 225,000 cubits
The cost of renting a Capital Ship scales according to galaxy control – the cost will reduce for the losing team up to a maximum of 50% discount.
Normal Cost to use the Basestar/battlestar: 10,0000 merits

(Note: the ships that you buy with cubits cannot be upgraded they are bought fully upgraded i have kept them in the list just to show the cost. When u buy them you are paying for their upgrade)
Colonial ships:
Viper: 30,000 cubits /Raptor: 30,000 cubits /Rhino: 40,000/ Raptor 30,000, FR 45,000 /Viper MK VII: 30,000 merits
Scythe: 45,000 /Glave: 50,000 cubits /Maul: 45,000 cubits /Halberd: 45,000
Aesir: 100,000 cubits/ Vanir: 60,000 cubits /Jotunn: 60,000 cubits/ Gungnir- 60,000 merits
Cylon ships:
Raider: 30,000 cubits /Heavy Raider 30,000, FR: 45,000 cubits /Marauder: 40,000 /Cylon war Raider: 30,000 merits
/Banshee:45000 /Spectre:50,000 cubits /Wraith: 45000 cubits /Liche: 45,000 merits
/Fenrir: 100,000 /Hel: 60,000 cubits /Jormung:60,000 cubits./ Nidhogg: 60,000 merits

The names of the Carrier ships are Brimir colonial, and Surtur cylon.
Level 40, Cubits: 400,000, Merits: 90,000
Weapons: 4 XL, Hull: 6 XL, Engines: 2 XL, Computers: 2 XL
Carriers exclusively use XL (Capital-class) slot equipment and come preloaded with the following:
Target Designator, Repair & Recharge, Point Defense x2, Flak Cannon x2
more info:

Armor and Armor Piercing
Ships now have Armor values, and weapons now have Armor Piercing values:
A ship’s Armor value reduces incoming damage by a percentage equal to its value.
Read more:

a advanced ships defult paint job is shiney , the non adv defult paint job is rusty.
there are 15 custom skins players may purchase in-game for the Cylon Raider, Heavy Raider, and War Raider, and the Colonial Viper MKII, Raptor, and Viper MKVII.
Pilots may purchase these paint jobs from the Fleet Shop, using the filter to find “Paints”. Purchased paint jobs are transferred to the pilot’s hold, or can be dragged directly to the Paint slot on the ship.
NOTE: Paint jobs are not salvageable once purchased.
Paint jobs may be applied to the Paint slot on their ships by dragging to and from your Hold or Locker – the same as with any other system.
In the Ship Customization screen (renaming ship/choosing decals), there is now a Paint tab. Pilots are able to browse, preview, and select the paint jobs available for their current ship here.

The system works by comparing your pilot's Level to that of your opponent
In all cases, pilots with a Level higher that 20 are treated as if their Level is 20 for the purposes of this system
If your pilot's Level is no more than 5 Levels higher than an opponent, you will receive full XP and Loot from defeating that opponent
If your pilot's Level is more than 5 Levels higher than an opponent, the XP and Loot you receive will be reduced, according to the following tables:

About Battle Space:
Is place for new players to pvp lower lv enemy's and get resources. Accessible to people lv 9 and under. Access Battlespace by clicking on the Battlespace button, which you can find with the other buttons in the upper right corner.

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Default BGO BIBLE: GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY FOR NEW PLAYERS Copyright © 2011 JLS (jdog11490/EiEiO

Join a wing and about wings:
To enjoy the game better join a wing . it will be no fun when you only play by your self. For even more fun use a 3rd party comunications to talk to each other. it makes the game even more fun and you are less likely to want to leave becuse of boredom.
Wing names will now display over a player. This can be toggled on and off.
New wings names will be restricted to a maximum of 30 characters.
Wings are now capped at 1000 members.
Players must be invited to join a Wing. you will not be able to join on their own.

The first time you log into the game each day, you will receive a Daily Login Bonus
The Daily Login Bonus increases in value for each consecutive day you log into the game, reaching its maximum value after 5 consecutive days.
Each Daily Login Bonus offers three packages of rewards:
Pilots below Level 10 will be able to select a Strike ship package
Pilots between Level 10 and 19 choose between packages for Strike or Escort ships
Pilots of Level 20+ between packages for Strike, Escort or Line ships
What you get each day:
Day 1
Strike: 50 light hesc rounds/ 1 light cr warhead / 20 titanium/ 600 tylium/ 20 cubits
Escort: 20 medium hesc rounds/ 1 medium cr warhead/ 25 titanium/ 500 tylium/ 20 cubits
Line: 5 heavy hesc rounds/ 1 heavy cr warhead/ 35 titanium/ 500 tylium/ 20 cubits
Day 2
Strike: 100 light hesc rounds/ 5 light cr warhead/ 1 strike standard dc pack/ 1 light standard decoy/ 25 titanium/ 600 tylium/ 25 cubits
Escort: 40 medium hesc rounds/ 2 medium cr warhead/ 1 escort standard dc pack/ 1 medium standard decoy/ 40 titanium/ 650 tylium/ 40 cubits
Line: 10 heavy hesc rounds/ 2 heavy cr warhead/ 1 line standard dc pack/ 50 titanium/ 650 tylium/ 25 cubits
Day 3
Strike: 200 light hesc rounds/ 10 light cr warhead/ 2 strike standard dc pack/ 2 light standard decoy/ 50 titanium/ 1200 tylium/ 50 cubits
Escort: 80 medium hesc rounds/ 4 medium cr warhead/ 2 escort standard dc pack/ 2 medium standard decoy/ 80 titanium/ 1300 tylium/ 50 cubits
Line: 20 heavy hesc rounds/ 4 heavy cr warhead/ 2 line dc pack/ 100 titanium/ 1300 tylium/ 50 cubits
Day 4
Strike: 1 comm access/ 300 light hesc rounds/ 15 light cr warhead/ 3 strike standard dc pack/ 3 light standard decoy/ 75 titanium/ 1800 tylium/ 75 cubits
Escort: 1 comm access/ 120 medium hesc rounds/ 6 medium cr warhead/ 3 escort standard dc pack/ 3 medium standard decoy/ 120 titanium/ 1950 tylium/ 75 cubits
Line: 1 comm access/ 30 heavy hesc rounds/ 6 heavy cr warhead/ 3 line standard dc pack/ 150 titanium/ 1950 tylium/ 75 cubits
Day 5
Strike: 1 comm access/ 400 light hesc rounds/ 20 light cr warhead/ 4 strike standard dc pack/ 4 light standard decoy/ 100 titanium/ 2400 tylium/ 100 cubits
Escort: 1 comm access/ 160 medium hesc rounds/ 8 medium cr warhead/ 4 escort standard dc pack/ 4 medium standard decoy/ 160 titanium/ 2600 tylium/ 100 cubits
Line: 1 comm access/ 40 heavy hesc rounds/ 8 heavy cr warhead/ 4 line standard dc pack/ 200 titanium/ 2600 tylium/ 100 cubits

When you get into the higher lv upgrades and they are fairly even 1000+ use tuning kits they save tylium. Don’t gamble if you don’t want to lose all your cubits make sure you have enough tuning kits to do it at 100% to save tylium and a headache from losing a 50k upgrade at 98% not worth it.
When upgrading the Level of a ship System, you are able to choose between paying for the upgrade with Tylium and/or Cubits, or using Tuning Kits
Tuning Kits can only be used to upgrade a System by one Level at a time
When using Tuning Kits, there is a 'chance' for the upgrade to succeed
The more Tuning Kits used, the higher the 'chance' for a successful upgrade
The higher the Level of the upgrade attempted and the more expensive the ship System, the more Tuning Kits will be required for a given chance of success
If an upgrade attempt fails, any used Tuning Kits are lost
If you have enough Tuning Kits, you can increase the chance for an upgrade to 100%, guaranteeing success
Tuning Kits can be used to attempt to upgrade ship Systems above the previous limit of Level 10, up to a maximum of Level 15 (Note that upgrades above Level 10 can only be attempted with Tuning Kits – these upgrades cannot be purchased directly with Tylium and Cubits)
You can purchase Tuning Kits for Cubits in Fleet Stores
or receive them As rare loot drops from high level NPC opponents

Merits are treated as a resource/currency
Merits cannot be exchanged for other resources, and cannot be purchased
Merits can be earned in four ways:
-Completing the Disrupt Enemy Operations assignment
-As 'loot drops' from defeating enemy players
-defending an outpost you receive merits when a enemy dies near a outpost any you are near it.
-Defeating enemy Outposts and player-controlled Battle stars/Basestar – all players within combat range of an enemy Outpost (3000) or player-controlled Battlestar/Basestar when it is forced to withdraw will receive an award of Merits and XP
A pilot can earn up to 1,000 Merits each day (a 'day' is defined as the same 24 hour period used for Assignments)
Merits can be used to purchase unique rewards that cannot be attained through other means. Initially, these include:
-Powerful ships – the adv. Viper Mk VII for Colonial and the adv. Cylon War Raider for Cylon
- To take command of the Battlestar Pegasus or secondary Basestar for 1 hour, or until defeated in combat (Speak to the commander of your fleet – Admiral Adama or Number One – to exchange Merits for the temporary command of the Pegasus or Basestar) DONT USE IT IF YOU DON'T HAVE FLEET SUPPORT!!!
-Improved nuclear missile warheads (Nuclear missile warheads can be purchased with Merits from all Fleet Stores and Archives)
Larger player ships will tend to drop more Merits (Lines will tend to drop more than Escorts, which will tend to drop more than Strikes).
Advanced (upgraded), Cubit-only and Merit-only player ships have a higher chance to drop Merits. Merits are treated as a loot drop, the reward scaling system will apply - you will tend to earn fewer Merits from taking down players more than 5 levels below you than you will from taking down players at or above your level.

Buy a merit booster 6k cubits. Do your deos (Disrupt enemy operations) for the day don’t turn it in tho wait until a hr. or half hr. before new daily’s reset. Activate the booster and turn your deo mission. If you have the daily for 10 deos a day you will get 900 merits just from turning it in. + the merits you got from killing the pvp. Then get your new deos when they refresh. Do the deo mission and turn it in you will get the 900 merits + whatever from the pvp and most likely max out. You need to wait 2 nights to do it again an easy way to max your merits out.
NOTE: You need to do this before the daily’s reset because of the 1000k limit.

Perma death: where you died but the respawn box does not show up. Fix: refresh browser will reload into closes friendly OP.
No power: where you load in to system or log on and your ship has 0 power and it won’t regenerate making it so you can’t move or do anything. Fix: click the log out button let it go a few seconds then cancel it the power will start to regenerate.
Vanishing Character: Where you log on and you have to start playing all over. this is a mix up you have to make sure you always log on to the same server other wise if you log onto another server you have to start all over again on that one. you will still have your other account so you will have 2 accounts on diffrent servers. Just make sure you log onto the right server to avoid the "what the frack happend to my account?" question.

One of the most important things needed to have the game work at its best is to clear both cache browser and unity player after every update to make sure that no old bugs are there. It will take a bit to reload everything at first but you are reloading everything fresh and updated...and hopefully less buggy.
***ALERT!!! to get better playing and less lag turn star dust off , glow off, and turn off Wing Displays ***
Lag: when the game freezes suddenly and where you can’t move or do anything for a certain amount of time.
The cause could be from:
Your computer not having enough memory to run the game, the browser you are using has not been updated or is not fit for gaming. Too many programs are running on your computer. You are using Wi-Fi instead of direct connection (a cord). You are downloading other items from the Internet. You have a virus or spy bot blocking part of your system. turning down the graphics and other effects + the glow will help playability.

The best steps to make sure you have fun are to do these things:
1: read the minimum requirements to play:
2: Make sure everything is updated
Mozilla Firefox download:
Google Chrome download:
Opera download:
3: Scan for viruses and Spy gear
4: Clear both caches
To learn how to clear your browser cache:
To learn how to clear your unity cache:

For interesting reading read illi_am's "Idea's Compilation and Organization":

End Notes: i have researched the game for a very long time on both colonial and Cylons sides. Always out to make this guide better. Thank you for reading this and remember it’s a game so have fun.
BGO BIBLE : GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY FOR NEW PLAYERS Copyright © 2011-13 JLS (jdog11490/EiEiO)

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BGO BIBLE: GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY FOR NEW PLAYERS Copyright © 2011-13 JLS (jdog11490/EiEiO)
Download a pdf version of the guide here:
HELLO!!! ALL This is where i will be posting my updates i have made for the guide so read here every once and a while. Cheers!!

-Added section battle space
-Added section Adv System Controls
-Added/edited to Play Nice
-Added/edited to Tips and Hints

- Added section join a wing and about wings
- Edited TO LV UP
- Added to tips and hints

- added to the tournament types
- added costs to all the cubit ships adv cost
- added fr cubit cost
- added new tips in the hint and tip section
- edited and trimmed the guides sections

- Added About carriers section
- Added About Anti-Spawn Camping Timer
- Edited Controls section adding how to use a game pad

- Updated in this guide menu to correctly show sections in order.
- Added 4.4 pdf
- Edited/ added to About skill training
- Edited/ added to About the ships
- Edited/ added to Industrial mining
- A bit of grammar and spelling fixed
- Edited/ added to ship costs
- Added Custom Paint Jobs section
- Added Nemesis Tournament section

-Added Common bugs and how to fix them section.
-Added to/edited Tips and hints
-Added to/edited About missions
-Added to/edited About the ships
-Added to/edited Tuning kits
-Added to/edited Help with lag
-Added a new 4.2 link to download a PDF google doc of the guide.
-ReAdded section how to get around FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND THE BASESTAR/ BATTLESTAR for some reason it wasn't in 4.0 woops

-Added what you get part of DAILY LOGIN section giving exact # of what you get each day.
-Added a new 4.0 link to download a PDF google doc of the guide.
- choped some sections to be smaller and other minor edits and fixes.
-added link to illi_am's "lIdea's Compilation and Organization"
-added copyright
- Thanks to galkon777 for pointing out some of the links were broken i have fixed everyone and tested them they all work now.

-Added a small section with link on the new armor/armor piercing
-Minor corrections and trimmed a few sentences here and there.

-Added HOW TO DO A FLEET OP’s section
- Edited How to Industrial Mine

-Corrected grammar and spelling not already fixed from previous corrections.( sorry i'm awful at grammar and spelling)
- Edited the How to use forums guide
- Currently working on updating the new players missions guide

- Edited all sections to all be up to date as of 7/23/11
- Rewrote the choose your side the old version made me sad it was horrid
- Edited optimal range added the suggestion Kaori posted

- Edited other sections Due to 6/28/11 patch update
- Edited guide to fix spelling, grammar and other errors found in the guide it should look better now.
- Added a link to another post with more game terms.

-Cut and deleted a few sections
-Added the Arena section.

- Added the folowing sections:

- Added the new sections for the 5/19/11 patches new items and edited the sections to keep up to date.

- Changed info in the Your Screen, Resources, and Missions due to the 4/14/11 patch changes
- Added the new ships to the list with prices including the cost to use a basestar/battlestar
-Changed some items names on the daily mission due to new update
- Added the logging out section
- Changed some of the stuff in the merit section
- Changed the new ships costs and added some to the lists.
- Edited some of the parts correcting some errors

- Alphabetized the Terms used in the game section <--
- Added Section Help with lag
- Added the Merits section
-Added the Rewards system section

- New info on new player creation
- The lv EP and rank name for each lv
- Edited the repair section took some sentences out
- Added the how to switch your ship section
- Added the about optimal range and max range section
- Fixed a few errors pointed out to me thank you for your help
- Added the section on skills ep needed and the time it takes to train
- Added and edited the authors endnotes
- Added the news and alerts section
- Added the play nice section

BGO BIBLE: GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY FOR NEW PLAYERS Copyright © 2011-13 JLS (jdog11490/EiEiO)
Great Job jdog! Add your new thread link to your wiki user page. We can work over the next week to add your guide to the wiki.
Oh and feel free to erase this when you need this post ; )


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reserved for future guide

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Guide on how to Use, Read, and Post on the forums.
By jdog11490

This guide is to help others to understand how to correctly use the forums and the correct way to post on others guides and post.
You can see the forum rules here:

Getting started and about the forum :

Ok for starters you will need a account to start a new topic or reply to someone’s message. The username you choose to use should not be offensive, racist against anything or be promoting violence as you can get a ban from this. Once you have created your account Look at the all the main categories and then the subcategories to see what interest you and what may help you to understand the game better.

On the far left there are symbols telling if the category/thread has any new posts on it, and if there are a lot of users commenting and viewing it. On the far right of the subcategory name, it shows you the most current post name with the time the last person posted on it, and how many threads are in the subcategory. Click on one of the subcategories and it will take you to see all of its posts. The posts with “Sticky:” those are at the top of the page before all the post are somewhat permanent but can be removed if needed by moderators. The “Sticky:” Threads are the Threads deemed as very informative and helpful by moderators. It is a privilege to have the “Sticky:” added to your Threads title.

To make a new thread:

First know what you want to write. And secondly search the whole forums for using the search option at the top to make sure there isn’t already a post like it. And make sure the subcategory is open for you to post new threads. If it isn’t it will show at the top and bottom of the page [CLOSED].

To make a new thread there is a [New Topic] button on the top of the page ( also on the bottom of the page and also where you would find the [CLOSED] button) if you are allowed to post on that sub category. When you click the button you will be transferred to a editing page.

You must put in a title for your thread. Here you can edit your texts: size, color, format, style, add hyperlinks, quotes, pictures and smiley’s. You can chose under this to have a icon go with the title of your Thread and have a poll posted with it (max opinions 10). Your New Thread must be 10 words or longer. If the Thread is to long when it is posted the excess “flab” will be cut off. Remember to copy and paste it to a word document and save it to prevent loss of hard work typing and formatting.

When you are done editing and formatting your Thread it is recommended that you click the preview button so you can see if there are any changes you want to make before posting Thread. Click post new thread.

You may have to put it in more than one post. To do this after posting the first part of your Thread click the [Reply] button at the top of your Thread or at the bottom.
Add the missing part of the post Thread and post it.
You now have a new thread congratulations.

The (R.P.N.) Right, Polite, Nice way to post on others Threads and Post :

Choose a Thread that interests you. When you have clicked the link and the page has loaded look to see who created the Thread and look at their forum rank name and amount of posts made ( this gives you an idea to how new or experienced the author of the Thread is) and remind yourself to thank them for making a Thread to help make a better informed forum.

Why you might ask? Because it is very disheartening if the first thing the author sees is someone on the attack about how they have poor grammar, what you would put in the guide if it was yours or dissect there Thread and posting everything you disagree about it. ( You can help them see the miss spelled stuff just don’t be merciless) Remember this is not your Thread it is there Thread that they have slaved over for hrs. (in some cases) so that maybe someone might find it helpful and appreciate the authors Thread . If they do ask for advice on what to put in it then it’s of course alright to add what you would put in it.

Before you even think of replying “READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH” Thread. Do not simply skip here and there and only read small portions of the Thread . Not reading it all the way can cause misunderstandings and this can lead to arguments which are for children not for both young adults and adults.

If someone does start a argument you can:
A: Ignore them
B: Get the attention of a moderator
C: Politely tell them that that was offensive and politely ask them to keep to the subject

Remember it takes two to Tango ( A American expression meaning it takes two people to argue. It’s not talking about dancing) do not reply with a offensive and colorful post of your own aimed back towards them. Because this is the fastest way to get yourself and the other in trouble. And you could end up having the thread closed.

Take note at how the Moderators post on the forums:

They are very nice.
They are very informative.
They are to the point
They give complements
They don’t write novels about what to fix on the thread
And most of all they do not hijack others post!!
All this makes the author of the Thread feel appreciated and happy that he spent all that time to help others have an easier time at understanding something. Not like all their work put into the Thread was all in vain.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you all use the RPN way of posting on the forums.

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Daumen hoch

Reserved For Future Guides

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reserved for future guides.

WING: STO .... Read the BGO BIBLE: GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY FOR NEW PLAYERS Copyright © 2011-13 JLS (jdog11490/EiEiO) to learn the game:

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well you came to the right place :P
don't worry we all were new players once.
the very first version of this guide 'BGO BIBLE : GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY FOR NEW PLAYERS Copyright © 2011 JLS (jdog11490/EiEiO) ' was all done when i was a noob (lv 12). it started Back in feb when open beta started then posted it in march. then reposed it whit it looking allot better. and now month and months later and lots of added info its huge and awesomely informational. :P

to use a dc pack you need to have 2 things. you need for what ever ship you have the damage control equipment that equips on a hull spot (you cant have really high hp with it on tho) then the ammo for it the "dc packs" <-- they cost cubits more for bigger ships. you equip the damage control on a hull spot get the dc pack ammo and when in battle click the dc pack icon or hit your shortcut key for it. ad you get a certain amount of hp back when ever you use it even in battle. it cost energy. the higher your damage control skill and equipment are trained the more damage is repaired for less energy. the same with the 3 different types of dc packs the cheap semi cheap and expensive ones all heal better and more but cost more.

WING: STO .... Read the BGO BIBLE: GUIDE ON HOW TO PLAY FOR NEW PLAYERS Copyright © 2011-13 JLS (jdog11490/EiEiO) to learn the game:

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jdog i was wondering if I could use your material on bsgo wikia, because links are not allowed I cant give you link. Please reply with your answer.
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hey jdog... (ddd) why did you go cylon?
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