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Idee Glitches/Problems

Ill just name off the problems and glitches i have encountered so far

  • Party Invite does not work
  • Party Dismiss does not work
  • ammo glitch ( shows no ammo or not the right amount )
  • rocket glitch ( does not show right amount of ammo )
  • chat sometimes does not go through
  • Random Disconnects from the game
  • weapons glitch ( all my weapons stop firing and it shows no ammo when i have a lot of ammo still left )
  • killing a fighter,or anything does not show loot or exp gained
  • graphics are a lil messed up when coming into a new system

I hope this helps you all. Ill also post more when i find them
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Thank you for your report.
Your feedback is much appreciated but please give us more informations. A perfect bug report would look like this:

Bug Report Example:

Build : 1.2 (what build is the bug occurring in)

Type of Bug : (Graphics,UI,, Misc)

Describe your problem in detail

How often does it occur:
Always,*Once, *Occasional.

* If Occasional or Once - please give details including what may trigger the bug in "How to replicate"

How to replicate:
Step by step instructions to replicate the bug

Expected outcome:
What you believe should be happening instead of above problem

Missing collision of planets in Sector XYZ

Additional Information
Firefox 3.6.11
Windows XP Home 32bit
ATi Radeon 9800 Pro 256 MB
1,512 MB RAM
Attach Screenshot/Video
Unity Crash Log

Please use this form to report bugs and post as many informations as possible.
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